Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Hey, lovely it's going to be my birthday in 2 more days! My birthday is on September 6. I can't believe it that I'm really turning 20! Yes, 20 years old can you believe it? It seems forever to age but when the time does come, it seems so quick! Wow, time has flew by so quick! So what do I want for my birthday? A couple of months ago, I have decided on what I wanted for my b-day but now I'm undecided. I haven't really decided what I am going to do on my b-day yet but these are some ideas in mind...One I know will definitely eat out at my favorite restaurant in town. Second, maybe go bowling. Third, I want to definitely go out and enjoy my birthday. I don't mean shopping, I just want a day to hang out and chill, enjoy life and nature. Most of all I just want to spend my b-day with my hubby and my little princess.

What's on my wishlist? This is my birthday wishlist only, I have a major wishlist referring to all occasion like my anniversary, christmas, etc. But here goes....

Birthday wishlist:
  1. vanity (either from pb or the 14 drawer vanity)
  2. dresser ( i want more)
  3. a new bed set

I don't know what exactly it is but I have been wanting new furniture in my bedroom, for a while now. But somehow this past month, I came to realize that I want a new and bigger vanity for my makeup. I also realize that I really need new furniture for my pants, shirts and accessories. I guess all I am really wanting for my 20th b-day is new furniture set! This is all, happy b-day virgos!

BTW it's weird how I know a lot of people who's b-day is in september. hubby's b-day is coming up pretty soon too, funny huh? LOL...later!