Monday, February 15, 2010

Long time No see

It seems forever since I wrote a blog. I have been so busy in makeup
school and too lazy when I come home to write a blog. But I do love
to read them and still do. So what's new? I'm in beauty school and I
love it! I enjoy doing hair, pedicure, manicure, waxing, and etc.
Best of all I love my teachers and my classmates (the one that I
am friend with or talk to). Everyday is something new, nothing
ever gets boring, there's always something going on everyday.
New gossip and new drama. Typical events that happen when u're
surrounded by all these girls. There's gotta be some drama. But me
and the people that I am with, we're more mature and we're there
to learn and get out of school, as soon as possible. I'm more of a
quiet type and shy person. If I don't know you I won't talk to you but
if I will reply back to you if you asked me a question. When I do know
you, I will talk to you more.
Next, I have decided that I'm going to start doing hair tutorial or
hair ideas on this blog. Since I am not in makeup school yet but
I am in cosmetology school and I'm so fascinated by it that I love
to share my ideas, tricks and style to all of you who loves hair but
sometime feel the lack of inspiration and lost, which keeps you from
doing different things to your hair.
Last, of all I finally came to conclusion that MAC foundation breaks
me out. I mean I have known it since the beginning but I don't know
why I kept using it. I guess I was too desperate. Well, sometime it makes
my skin look flawless but it always leave me with one or two pimples. But
this time, I'm breaking out like crazy like I have never gone through this
stage before in my entire life. Yes, I know it seem unbelieveable but I have
never broke out, not even one pimple, throughout my whole entire life until
I started wearing foundation. I'm still unsure because it might be MAC but
it might also be the Marie Borlind night and day cream I'm using. Ever since
I started using that, I have acne all over my forehead and chin. Before when
I was using clinique moisturizer under my MAC foundation, I have never broke
out this crazy. So I am undecided what to do because I really don't want to send
back my MAC foundation. I LOVE MAC! Well that's it for now, look out for hair
ideas and haul in my next blog post.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beauty School

Yay, me! I feel like London Tipton. Hahahah...j/k but I am in beauty school right now. So far it's boring but very exciting! Yesterday, was snow day and only 7 people showed up at school. Today, there was many of us there with 10 people missing.

The first thing we did was open up our kit, make sure everything was there and engraved our names on it. Then we got to play with our mannequin and we started braiding hair. We did the invorted braid, outvorted and fishtail braid. It was fun and new at the same time. Boy, did I learn that braid hair regularly is not as stressing as braiding hair professionaly!

Tomorrow, is another day. I can't believe that the first week of school is already half way through. I'm not sure what we are going to do but I know I'm excited and can't wait. That's it for now and maybe I'll bring my camera to school and take a picture of my kit.