Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MAC #4

Ahhh! So finally my fourth order from
MAC came in. It was 9:35 am and the
UPS dropped by and I was so damn
surprise because they usually don't ship
until 11am. Better for me though...so here's
what I got.

Let's take a peek should we?

Marquised D' Lipstick

Don't know why I didn't get this earlier
but I had to order everything from this order
because of this particular lipstick. I was browsing
through ebay and saw this so I was like, "it's a nude
I gotta have it." end of conversation...hehehe. It's a
lustre but it doesn't have that much glimmer to it and
the payoff is so much more better then all's fair lipstick,
I'm pretty impress because I hate MAC lustre lipstick.

Swatches of marquise d'

This lipstick isn't a matte but it
isn't sheer like other lustre lipstick
from MAC. We all know that lustre
lipstick from MAC are sheer with
shimmers in it. Well this one has very
little shimmer and doesn't show up that
much and the payoff is more pigmented then
other lustre lispstick.

Here's a better view of
the payoff of the color and
it shows the true color of
this lipstick.


antiqued, honey lust, romp, print
and mulch(which you can't really see)

FYI: Here's a whole bunch of photos of
all the swatches of shadows, I'm not sure
which one is better but I thought I would
upload all since I took so many. So judge for

I'm very impressed with print.
It is a must have eyeshadow and
I'm glad I didn't wait long for it.
For the other rest of the shadow
I'm a little disappoint but I will
have to play around with it before
giving it a full review.
I got a lot of brown this time instead
of waiting for recycling and then getting
them was because I heard so much about it
but the browns aren't as great as I thought
it would be. I thought it was going to be
true brown colors but it isn't.

Here's a pretty good photo
of the payoff of all the 4 shadows.

Don't know why I upload 2 photos
at the same time, but let's see if
anything is missing from both photo?
Antiqued: seems like a veluxe pearl,
kind of like an brunt brown color
honey lust: lots of shimmer in it but
the color is so pretty, I think minus the
shimmer it's such a pretty highligther.
It is a peachy pink shadow with tons
and tons of shimmer in it.
Romp: a light brown with
gold unertone to it which reminds
me of cocomotion pigment
Print: dark greyish which goes well with
carbon and electra eye shadow
Mulch: probably my favorite out of all the
brown. It's a brown with few shimmer in it
I'm guessing it's a veluxe eyeshadow

I like this one better.


From left to right: fleur power, buff, ambering rose
and breezy

Closer view

Fleur power: soft pink
buff: neutral color, on the site it was describe
as a pinkish brown blush but it's more of a
natural shade
Ambering rose: a rusty reddish/orange blush
with a metallic undertone to it
breezy: a vivi bright pink shade with a
metallic undertone to it

This photo shows the true
color of these lovely blushes. My
favorite blush out of these are
fleur power.

This is all I got from this haul. Hmm...
it seems little, somehow when I ordered
this box and the third one it seems a lot
but it came out to be very little stuff..

Monday, June 29, 2009


I got time to experiment these colors so here it is.

OPI Gargantuan green grape

This is how it looks on my nails
and in the bottle.

To get the color in the bottle you need to apply
at least 3 coats . If applied sheer like me then
two coats would be fine.
  1. I thought this color was going to be a pale

pasty mint green but it's a lime green.

2. My experience with OPI nails hasn't change and my

impression of them hasn't either. They chip off

so easily, in two days my nails chipped off already.
With other nail brand polishes even if I clean a lot my

nails aren't even chipped off. Don't know what the deal is

and why it's always my nails but OPI doesn't seem to love

me at all.

3. I hate the wide brush that comes with all

OPI nail polishes! Too fat for my skinny

nails, great for wider nails but not for me.

4. I have this green polish on right now and it's going

to be remove today. With this green polish, even though

its a creme but it's very sheer unlike the other creme

I own. This one has to be applied more then once on.

Which is sad cause the other creme from OPI doesn't

have to do this but this one does.

OPI over the taupe

In two days my nails chipped so
bad and in three days half of my
polishes came off. So I removed
this color...big disappointment
don't even know why I even
bother buying so much OPI.

  • With this polish I find that it is like any other creme

polishes that I have gotten from them. It's true to

it's color and with one coat you get the color of

the bottle. You don't have to apply 2 or 3 coats

the colors shows up.

MoRe Nails will be on it's way.

Lips Of the Day

Sorry about the blury photos and some of
these are taken for just curiosity, nothing
special and yes scary photos.
cherries in the snow lipstick

Here's a full look of how this lipstick
looks like. My hubby was like you're
never going to wear that lipstick when
I had only cover 5% of my lips but by the
time I finished with my whole lips, he was
like wow, that's a pretty color and very suitable.

Here's a what ever photo.

Everytime when I do a look it's always at
night time so my camera is always stupid,
during the night time. I don't know why I don't
remember to take it during the morning but somehow
the idea of removing my makeup reminds me of taking
a photo for the day...

Walgreen Sale

Who-la Look what I have? Obviously....?

Here's the whole package from my first trip
to Walgreen in Carthage. 1st bag of items.

white eyeshadow in hip bone,
champagne/cafe, browny point/hazelnut,
it's a girl/eggplant

Sorry about the picture but keep
in mind that I was taking photos
of this during the night time. Bad
idea but it was when I got them.

Mineral blush and blush
sunrushed and outspoken pink

Terracotta bronzer

closer look at this bronzer

first is terracota bronzer
second is sunrushed blush
third is outspoken blush

Outspoken blush is a matte light pink
Sunrushed blush is more of a orangy
terracotta bonzer is lighter then
sunrushed blush

Second & Third trip
to Walgreen
Revlon colorstay foundation
Natural Tan and fresh biege

More Blushes...
A back up of babydoll, petal
and plum blossom blushing.

more shadows too!
moss, daydream, duo-provence and
sage, and hi ho silver.

Rose lipliner
I love this line from Revlon..Colorstay!

Sunkissed Bronzer
I wanted this one instead of the
other one but yesterday, when I
tried it on it was too dark for me.
This one is for golden complexion.
Or maybe I just used a more heavy
hand which made it look more darker
on me. I'll try a lighter hand with this bronzer
but I will have to say it shows up more then my
MAC bronzer.

Plum mineral blush
I love their mineral blushes and
I didn't know they had this in plum
I'm so glad that I got it because it was
the last mineral blush available!

Okay, One thing that I forgot to mention is that I did go to
Walgreen for prestige cosmetics but I did go to get me some
revlon items since it was buy one get one free. What a great
deal, right?
After reading and seeing miss lollipop26 blog,
I knew I was going to love this lipstick and I knew
I needed to have it. I don't wear shades of red or bright
ones nor dark ones too. I wear more of an everyday color.
I wear nudes and pinks. Which reminds me of why I love
watching lollipop26 so much, we have so much in common!

Cherries in the Snow
So I knew
what I was going to get when
I went to the third walgreen
but I was just strolling by and
saw that rimmel was on sale for
buy one get one free as well,
which I didn't see advertising
on the other 2 walgreen that I
went to.

More lipsticks!
Rimmel Lipstick
Colors are just so, celeb, pink
champagne and vintage(inspire
by miss emilynoel83).

Here's a more viewable look at
the true colors of them.

Here is a late night swatches
of them.
From left to right: cherries in the snow, vintage,
pink champange, celeb and
just so

Relvon colorstay mineral lipglaze
Neverending nude and eternal blossom.
When I picked neverending nude up to take a
closer look at it I knew it was a must! So pretty!
Look like it has shimmers in it but really it's a matte
and very pigmented nude gloss! Eternal blossom has
shimmer in it and the shimmer it does show up more
then the nude gloss. These were the only 2 colors I like
more the rest of it. The rest was either too plumy or too
red for me or too much shimmer in it.

On my second trip I got these
Revlon lipstick because it was buy 1 get 1 free
lik I said but this walgreen ran out of cherries
in the snow...that's why I got these.
Pink in the afternoon and wink for

I perfer pink in the after noon
which is a creme and matte,
which is located on the left side.

More swatches
Top row from left: neverending nude, eternal blossom,
pink in the afternoon, wink for pink and cherries in the snow
second row from left: pink champagne, celeb, vintage and just so

sorry about the picture but my
camera is being stupid..

My favorite picks from all three all for the lipsticks would
be cherries in the snow, both the glosses if they were buy
one get one free, if they are not then go with neverending
nude. Relvon pink in the afternoon which is a matte and creme.
This color doesn't look outstanding as wink for pink but this one
has more pigmentation to it and shows up more then wink for pink.
For the Rimmel lipstick I knew that celeb and just so was going to be
pretty because they were matte and creme as well. But if I had to get
just one I would go with celeb because it's more on the pink side and
a wearable everyday color.
This is all I got on Saturday so notice that they won't be having
any buy 1 get 1 free on Relvon cosmetics. But they still are having
the jane cosmetics sale going on until all their products runs out and
are still having the rimmel sale! Check your walgreen out and you'll
be amaze what you find there!