Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Regretful Items

Let me ask you if there were things that you regretted

not getting?

For me it would be these items:

1. MAC spiced chocolate quad: this is a very pretty

and neutral quad. I regretted not getting it after tons

and tons of people rave about it on youtube. Hopefully

I'll get lucky and find it at my CCO. On Ebay these are

sold for twice and triple the original price you would have

paid for it if you were to bought it at MAC.

2. NARS orgasm and laguna bronzer duo: I got the orgasm

alone and didn't think that I will need laguna but lately I have

been hearing so much review and rave about it. I want to return

my orgasm and get this duo..I might just do so when I go to springfield.

3. MAC So Ceylon MSF: After seeing the swatches from aubrey and
hearing that it was the most unique one out of all of them from many
bloggers such as lollipop26 I regret not getting it. I saw it at one of the
CCO that I went to when I was up north but didn't get it. When I swatch
it I was like "eww! NO!" and that was it I didn't even take a second look
at it. Argh!! I am so regretting this item!
4. MAC northen lights MSF: Like before I didn't get this and after seeing
miss aubrey's swatches on her blog I regretted so much. I went on ebay
after seeing her swatches and it was around $38-$50 and I was like " heck,
no! I must be desperate for it to buy it for that expensive."
5. MAC perfect topping, redhead, blonde, soft and gentle and refined
MSF: I recently go the rehead at the MAC counter in Wisconsin, so
it was a good thing. From MAC sale that they were having I couldn't
resist and help myself so I went ahead and got perfect, soft and gentle
and refined. Even though I did swatch and play with refined while purchasing
rehead at the counter I found that I liked rehead more but I decided that
I gotta have it all! So these don't basically count but they did so that's
why I had to put them on my list because they were MUST HAVE!
6. MAC light flush MSF: I regret getting this after seeing aubrey's
swatches again. I just love this light pink color!
7. Cocomotion and shadowy lady quad: First of all, I just recently got
cocomotion while I was on vacation. I found shadowy lady at the
CCO at KC so I'm so glad that I did.
8. Wings eyes quad: In this quad they had vanilla and expresso. I
don't remember the other 2 colors but I liked this quad a lot and
at the time I needed these two shadows. At the same time I was
getting fafi 1 quad and didn't know that there was vanilla in that
quad already. After buying fafi and shadowy lady I was happy that
I got vanilla. But I still want this quad. So why didn't I get it? Actually,
I did bring it up with my items of getting but the two lady looked for
about 15 minutes searching the back and front of the store and found
no luck! I was super damn regretting it! I knew I liked the colors from
this quad I think they were very natural and neutral. Hopefully, when I
go back there they'll have it in stock along with some goodies that I want.
9. HK fashion mew lipstick and mimi gloss: these were my top picks
because I was inspire by marlena and I did swatch them and at the
time I thought they were hideous but now that I am more interested
in it...I so regret these along with one other lipstick which I can't remember.
10. HK brush holder: this was the number one thing on my list
to get but it was out of stock online and to all the MAC standing
that I went to. I just want the brush's so cute!
11. solar white eyeshadow: after seeing marlena's video on how
to make small eye look big..I so regret this shadow. When I first
swatch it, my first impression was too white with a reflect of pink
in it. That was why I pass it off....maybe I'll get it the next time I
go to the CCO.
12. Pink Rebel lustre drops: I didn't pay attention to any of the
collection except for HK. But after style warrior came out I knew
exactly what I wanted. After making my mind up about getting what
I only got on a mission blush, golden refined bronzer and vibrant
grape e/s. I didn't get any luck finding this anywhere. I checked
online like a thousand times on different days and times but no
luck at all! someone please help!
13. brave new bronze lipstick: This is a nude color which is more
on the pink side then biege. I like it alot and after researching
on what to get and hearing tons and tons of review about it
on youtube...I knew I wanted this lipstick. Yes, basically because
it's a nude lipstick and yes, I love my nudes and pinks! Yet
I went online and into one standing mac and a mac store and
found no luck....
14. bojouris night lip balm: I went to Ulta while on vacation
but didn't write down my list so I wasn't sure what to get
while I was in store. At the end of the day I remember that
I purposely went there to get this item...I tend to forget things
now that I am I went online trying to order it but it
was out of stock and then when I got notify that it was back
in stock....I didn't get it and just now that I am getting a discount
at ulta it's out of stock again...just my luck, huh?
I can't think of anything else now but if I have to do another
round of regretting items I will. I think we all do have those
moments....I have to give miss lollipop26 credit for this blog
since she was the one who inspire me in this. I knew I wanted
to the whole world which items I regret getting but she gave me
this idea of sharing my thoughts...thanks Laura!

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