Thursday, June 25, 2009

Makeup Removers

These are not drying wipes. They actually leave your
skin feeling clean like they've said they would do. They
cost around $4 bucks and can be found anywhere.
The downside is that if you forgot to cover the slip
back up your wipes will dry out very quickly. Overall
this makeup removers feels light and clean and I would
reccommend it because it's cheap, affordable and does
the job.
These or any from pond's are moist but they
dry out very very quickly. I think this brand is
the first brand that I have seen dried up in about
a couple of seconds. Like when you're done with one
side of the face half of the other side of the wipe is already
dried up. They are around $4 bucks a couple of cents cheaper
then clean&clear but I don't think that
these compare to clean&clear makeup remover. They might
be moist but they dry up too fast and the wipes are pretty soft
to say but it's not soft on your face and doesn't give you any kind
of feelings towards it. It's just blank and you're like "blah, what ever
you just have to use this up because you have it."

Almay Eye makeup Remover
These does the job as it is said to do. These
small circle wipes are very moist, not drying at
all, and perfect for on the go. It tends to have this
oily ingredient to the wipes, I guess this is the main
ingredient that does the eye makeup remover but
yet it is not as strong as oil or it doesn't feel that oily.
I can't really explain it but it does have this silky oil
to it. The downsideto these are that they will
remover all of your eyemakeup completely but it'll leave
your lower lash line with makeup. So since the wipes
are pretty moist and oily all you have to do is take a
paper towel or cloth and remove the rest of your makeup off.
Another down side to this remover is that sometimes after
you remove your eye makeup the residue that this removers leaves
on you tend to sting in your eye. I have this for a year now and
I think I haven't touch it must is because of the oil. I can't complain
because it really does the job but if they could find a different way
to take out the oil then I think it would be consider america's #1
eye makeup remover. It cost around $5 bucks.

I love love this product. I knew that it was love at
first site when I first tried it on at the CCO. It was
the first time I went to the CCO and it was also the
first time I tried this remover on. Although it was my
first time trying it throughout my whole 2 hours in the
store I kept going for this wipe when I needed to remove
the swatches on my hands. This is exactly $25 bucks for 100
wipes. These are a expensive but for the price and quality that
you get out of it's worth every penny. Like some other cheaper
brand you'll have to try harder to remove your makeup off and
try to remover those hard formula of mascara and eyeliner
but with this stuff, it's magic! This baby will seriously take off
all your makeup without you having to fuss or trying at all. This is
a must have for those who don't mind spending a couple extra dollars
but not having to worry about a thing.

I tried this one for a week now and I'm glad to say
that I gave this a try. This doesn't have a smell to it,
it feels very natural when removing your makeup almost
like removing it with water but this remover removes
everything completely. The formula of this remover feels
soft and leaving your skin feeling fresh and natural. Yes, I
know natural isn't the way to describe it but it really feels
like an organic remover. Why? Because when you remove it
it just feels very natural like the finest ingredients there is out
there...I can't explain but this is one makeup products that VS
did a good job on because this stuff makes you feel so pure and
fresh! Cost around $2 bucks while it's on sale right now!

beyond belief deep cleansing towelettes
This is probably my favorite wipes out of all
the cheap brands. This wipe can be found only
at sally beauty supply stores and cost around $3-4
bucks. It has a good smell to it, it comes in 56 wipes
and this stuff will completely take off your makeup
without having to fuss with it. It feels like any other
makeup remover except it has this really good smell
to it and it doesn't irrate your skin like some other brands.
The only thing that I dislikeabout it is the packaging.
Notice how it has a flip tag made out
of plastic which you're suppose to flip it open and close it back
up so the wipes won't dry out. It's a clever idea then other brands
like C&C but it doesn't close tightly. Once you open it the thing
won't shut itself shut. Don't know if I just got a bad one or what
the deal is but I am planning to get more of these since they are
cheaper then those found at drugstores or in walmart. The only
thing that needs to be change is probably the packaging.

Equate facial cleansing towelettes
These are the cheapest there is when talking about makeup
removers found at walmart or any drugstore. You do get a lot
for what you pay for which is about $2-3 bucks and they do cost
less then C&C, almay, pond's etc but there's a downside to it.
These wipes does take off your makeup like foundation, concealer
and blushes but not your eye makeup. Yes, they will take off your
eyeshadows but that's about it. Another downside is that this one
actually irrates your skin. Well, at least it did irrate my skin. Each time
that I would use this it leaves my skin feeling dry and not moist at
all! It also makes my skin itches and I would feel like I have to stratch
my face or wash it off immediately with my cleanser. I don't know what
the deal is with this thing but it just didn't suit my skin type plus it also
broke me out. This is what I have experience with this product but it might
work well for some of you since we all have different types of skin so do't let
my review scare you. Has anyone tried this remover before? Let me
know what you think of it.

My overall reaction and review of these removers are based on my
judgements and experience. It might work for some and it might not
work for others so I would say try it out yourself but honestly, this is
how I have felt about these products. I will say that if it doesn't matter
to you about the price range then MAC wipes are the best to deal with
as it doesn't break you out, doesn't dry your face and you basically don't
have any problems with it. My second choice would be sally's makeup remover
because these are cheaper then MAC plus they do the job. My third choice
would be VS remover because they feel very natural and something I haven't
quite experience with any other removers. The only thing is that if you like
wipes these are not package the same way. For these you'll have to take a
cotton ball and swirl it around your face where ever there is makeup.
I think this is all
I have to say about these removers...

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