Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Favorite Internet Ubers!

  • #1 person on my list I will have to say is Miss Aubrey! Why? I love how easy it is to follow her in her video. I love watching what she haul. I think that's my favorite and second would be watching what her favorite items are. She is first guru I have watched on youtube when I actual started paying attention to youtube. She was the first person I subscribe to and the one person that I would look for when I get on youtube. I don't know but she's my own brand of heorine..hehehe..get it?
  • My second favorite person to watch is marlena. I love all her tutorials on her looks. She has inspire me so much in so many ways that I can't even explain. I love her so much mostly because of her eyeshadow looks. She has by far the hottest and most professional looking eyeshadow looks that I have seen created on youtube. Her video is very brief and understanding to follow. It goes with the flow and when you watch her video it feels very natural, very much yourself. Yeah, I think that's the word for it. When you're watching her video she makes you feel comfortable and yourself. You don't have to feel like you're someone else. I love you MG!

  • My third favorite is Laura also known as lollipop26. Everytime I watch her video she makes me feel so happy and bubbly inside. I know it sounds corny but she does. She's always such a happy face and she's always happy. When I watch her video it makes me happy and I enjoy it so much that it puts a smile on my face. Even reading her blog is so say or round things up each time you watch her or read her blog she makes your world go round and round. For example, like in one of her blog or video she was saying that "other then that life seems to be pretty good." To me, when I have any contact with her she makes me feel like I have nothing to worry about. There's only me and the one thing I love the! Yep! This is exactly how I feel for a moment I was struggling on finding the words but here they are. I like how positive and so much energy she has when she's talking about makeup. By seeing and reading what she has to say it really tells that makeup really makes her happy!

  • emilynoel: I love how she makes cheap makeup look so good! Like you don't need to buy expensive things to look good. I love her tutorial and all her videos.

  • julieg713: I love how julie always has a smile on which makes you more intune to her videos. She's also another happy face on youtube.

  • makeupbytiffanyd: I love how she does her eyes. Beside marlena I think tiffany comes in second place to doing professional makeup. Her tutorial are easy to follow but her technique or skill is sort of hard to do, not hard to follow but hard to do!

  • sephorajunkie: She basically does haul video only. I love watching what she gets in her haul videos. She collects almost everything MAC comes out with. Iwould suggest her for those who need tips and ideas on what to get.

  • I also like makeupenvy but she upload videos once in awhile only. I guess she busy being a MUA and a mommy. I love her most recent tutorial, they are awesome!

  • and...yep, this is pretty much all the folks that I watch mostly of and I love them for doing what they do best at!

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