Monday, June 29, 2009


I got time to experiment these colors so here it is.

OPI Gargantuan green grape

This is how it looks on my nails
and in the bottle.

To get the color in the bottle you need to apply
at least 3 coats . If applied sheer like me then
two coats would be fine.
  1. I thought this color was going to be a pale

pasty mint green but it's a lime green.

2. My experience with OPI nails hasn't change and my

impression of them hasn't either. They chip off

so easily, in two days my nails chipped off already.
With other nail brand polishes even if I clean a lot my

nails aren't even chipped off. Don't know what the deal is

and why it's always my nails but OPI doesn't seem to love

me at all.

3. I hate the wide brush that comes with all

OPI nail polishes! Too fat for my skinny

nails, great for wider nails but not for me.

4. I have this green polish on right now and it's going

to be remove today. With this green polish, even though

its a creme but it's very sheer unlike the other creme

I own. This one has to be applied more then once on.

Which is sad cause the other creme from OPI doesn't

have to do this but this one does.

OPI over the taupe

In two days my nails chipped so
bad and in three days half of my
polishes came off. So I removed
this color...big disappointment
don't even know why I even
bother buying so much OPI.

  • With this polish I find that it is like any other creme

polishes that I have gotten from them. It's true to

it's color and with one coat you get the color of

the bottle. You don't have to apply 2 or 3 coats

the colors shows up.

MoRe Nails will be on it's way.

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