Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here's one thing I forgot about and had
to upload it. My hello kitty plush doll from
the HK collection. Isn't she a doll? How can
I ever forget my pretty girl?

Eyeshadow Palette

not going to name them all but will name a few

message me if you really want to know the colors

blanc type, shroom, femme-fi, juxt, post haste,

mink pink, pen n' pink, newly minted


soft brown, amber lights, woodwinked, cork

wedge, satin taupe

farther look at the palette


fig. 1, creme d' violet, vibrant grape, poison pen,

a more viewable look of
this palette

pressed pigments

first row: vanillia, provence, naked, blonde's gold, melon

second: tan, rose, milk, lovely lily, viz-a-violet

third: violet, pastrole, glided green, golden olive, antique green

more pigments from a different palette

tea time, mauvement, cocomotion, sweet sienna

blue bell bottom(which ever way you want to call it),

chocolate brown and deep blue green


my favorite!

first row:pink swoon, mocha, hushabye, emote

second row: well dressed, on a mission, dame and melba
*yeah me! I got this palette right and it is my favorite palette

I have all my favorites in this palette

spaced out, angel, feeling, breath of plum,

true romantic, empty, empty, enough said
*a little disappointed becuase I didn't get

this one right. got one out of all right confused

with breath of plum, true romantic and feeling

since they are very similiar in colors and I got them

all at the same time.

pigments and mineralized eyeshadows

eyeshadow quads and palette

*missing hello kitty palette

in lucky tom

tinted lip condition

pink fish, lip conditon with SPF 15 and tender baby

lipsticks and lipglosses

Closer look at it

colors are : viva glam 2 as back up (love this out of all the shades),

high tea, please me, creme d' nude, viva glam 2, velvet teddy, blankety,

honeylove, kinda sexy,

glosses: heatherette in bonus beat, 1N, melt in your mouth and viva glam VI(5)

paint pots

top:blackground, perky, girl friendly, moss scape, greenstroke

second:indianwood, soft orche, fresco rose, layin' low, quite natural

bottom: painterly, samples in bare steady, ruben and constructivist and

black track fluid line
*wow amaze and so proud of myself for naming all without looking.hehe..

foundations, concealer and transparent loose powder

plus one filler base and t zone refined

skin refining t-zone and liner filler base!

more blushes...

blushes that are not depotted!

first row: love rock, sweet william, tippy, fashion frenzy

second: grand duo, gentle, fafi hippness, uncommon

third: cream color bases in fresh morning and pearl
*disappointed because didn't know 1 out of 10 blushes

95% though....testing myself here.heheh...

solar riche bronzer, full coverage found, bone biege sculpt powder,

petticoat, redhead, refined golden bronzer, NC30 studio pressed powder,

hello kitty beauty powder in pretty baby, accentuate scuplt powder and

mineralized skinfinish natural in medium dark


My brushes and brush holder and design..

haven't fully complete designing holder because

still unsure of moving....

MAC 191, 192, 124, 116, 109, 194,

190SE, 190, 187SE, 187, 182, 169SE,

168, 217, 217, 139, 242, 165 and 122

Yep, this is everything I own from MAC. With my money and very hard

work to get it all...hehe..just kidding very happy and bless to have all these

items in my life. How many items do you own from MAC? It doesn't matter

how many I still would like to know.

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