Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Haul from Vacation

Hey, guys long time since I've blog. Yes, I'm back in Missouri...I'm kind of sad when I left Wisconsin but I was also relief so basically my heart wanted to be at two places at the same time. Oh, well I'm home already and I'm supposely going back up there in July but I'm not sure if we will or not. We'll just have to see what the hubby say but to me I feel like it doesn't matter if we go up there or not but here is all of the items I got on my trip. Yes, I know this is a lot or maybe too little for some people but I couldn't help it while I was on vacation.

These are some of the blushes I got at the CCO but I depotted them into my blush palette. I know some of them looks really deform but believe me it wasn't as easy keeping them safe because I didn't have my blush palette with me. Colors are Pink swoon, mocha, hushabye, emote ( got it at KC), spaced out(baraboo, wi), enough said(minnesosta), feeling and breath of plum which I got while I was in Kansas City before leaving to Wisconsin. Overall, I've been playing with all of these blushes that I have bought and I am pretty impress with it. I'm impress with the colors and quality. For a moment I felt like I've got good taste..LOL. Any how, I got really lucky this time because they had lots and lots of colors to choose from and even some pro blushes. Usually I would never see this much variety and shades at a CCO and usually I wouldn't be able to buy any blushes because the colors are so dull and hardly no blushes.

Here are all of the nail polsihes I have collected while I was gone. I'm not
even going to name them because I just want them to be randomly but
as you can see I do have different brands and colors. I will say this
though the first one on the left is not a nail polish it's a nail m**sk. Can
you guess what it is? It's a special item that I will be reviewing on it later.

I got this at the DF & CC0 which stands for desinger frangance and cosmetics company. I for got to put these in my df&cco picture so I had to do these separately. I got the renewing skin cream and the recharge eye cream which reduces dark circle and wrinkle or lines. I got these for 2 for $18 which was a bargain because for the quality and effect that you get out of these products it's worth more. Why would I say this? Luckily for my sister, she also bought these same two products as well and the first time she apply this product her skin looks so new and yes, I'm dead serious that it looked new and fresh. Plus she got compliment from others like strangers, family and friends. Especially when someone gets a compliment from friends and family it's meaning that they have seen a difference since we do know that person more than a stranger would. So if I had to pick out one of these products to choose from (if only I could pick one) I would say get the renew skin cream because it's really good stuff for the skin especially your face! FYI in the next few pictures you'll be seeing lots more of Lancome products because me and my sister basically went to the df&cco just for Lancome. Why? My sister has been told by many many skin care professional, esthetican, makeup artist and she's been reading lots of beauty magazine like glamour and etc...that Lancome is the #1 yes, you've heard me the #1 skin care line that really works and best seller. I didn't know that because I thought it was Clinique. I just love clinique's skin care line because they are so awesome and works really great but Lancome I didn't have a clue about beside their mascaras. I didn't believe my sister but after hauling some Lancome products I do believe that they do have the best skin care line there is out there. Don't be suprise if you see me hauling more Lancome products. I did own or should I say I got one free Lancome eyeshadow palette but it sucks. It was in purple and the colors looks so good and seems to be pigmented but when you swatch it, it's really sheer and dull. I have never touch that palette nor did I do a look with it but I did do a look with it on my niece (she was the one who pass it down to me). To round it up they have really good skin care but their makeup line isn't all that....some items like mascara are worth buying, some eyeshadow are super pigmented like super super pigmented and others are super dull and sheer. I still love makeup though and will be buying a palette from them because all of the shades that I've seen I fell in love with it especailly a turquoise and jade color.

These were such random items that I took together because taking pictures of them seperately was dumb. I got a concealer brush at bath bed and beyond but I plan to use it as a paint pot brush but now to think of it, I might not. I might use it for a concealer as it is even though I haven't touch any of my concealer brush for months now. I have been using my hands for my under eye area since it's a gentle and soft spot. I have been trying to get a hold of country apple for a while now but no luck so this time the bath and body at Johnson Creek decided to have it in stock but it came in a gift set. I only wanted the body splash because I have the lotion already and didn't really care for the shower gel but if I wanted the splash I had to get the whole set which I did. After leaving the store I was kind of glad that I did get the whole set because the bowl or the metal basket that came with the set was too cute and I'm using it to store my body products. The bath sponge is super soft and unique it's so different from the ones that you would get from the drugstore or Walmart so I'm glad I got the set. I also got me two packs of makeup remover and a country apple hand lotion sanitizer. I've never tried their makeup removers before but they were cheap and you get more for the price that you would if you got it from Walmart plus I was running low on it. Hopefully these are better than the Pond's makeup remover. I will do a review of makeup removers soon...when I get the time and if I remember.

I got this really cute scarf at Wet Seal and I almost forgot to picture it. It's

just a plain white scarf but very different and unique from many

white ones I've seen. This is why I got it and to
match my yellow shirt..hehehe...

So we were strolling down the mall and my two nieces wanted some

candies so we went into the shop and boy, I didn't know that candy

shop sold hello kitty items. I went there many time when I was

visiting my sister and I didn't even notice it. But yeah, I did look

around at all the plush dolls, bags, pencils, pens, etc but these

were the two items I got. I got a nail filer because it was too cute

to resist and I'm running low on it. Then my eye caught this ring

and I just bought it but when we were in the car driving and something

fell off my hand and I saw that it was the head of the hello kitty and then

found out that it was a stamp too. How cool, right?

So I finally made up my mind and went to the MAC counter and got me some
goodies. I got me some sample and full size products from the style warrior collection. I got soft orche pp because the MUA told me that it was going to be a discontinue shade so I decided to get the full size instead of the sample because it was one of the pp on my list to the CCO but since I have been to many CCO many times I have never seen this shade and I don't think I will so if you want this shade you still have time before it's gone. Next, I got samples in bare steady, rubenesque, constructivist, delft (not picture) and studio sculpt fondation in NC30 also not pictured. Next, row I got vibrant grape a pro e/s that I have been eyeing for a while even at the CCO even though I knew I had no luck. I also got refined golden bronzer such a pretty bronzer. In my opinion I think refined golden is so much pretty then solar riche but both are unique in it's own way. I already have solar riche so that's why I didn't get another one because it will be picture later on. But both bronzer ar unique in their own ways that's why I gotta have both. Lastly, I got redhead MSF from the redhead, brunette and blond collection. I've been wanting this MSF so bad but it's sold out everywhere but lucky for me, I got the last one at the counter! I was super happy and excited! I also got on a mission blush which came with the collection as you can see. This blush is different because it's a mix of feeling, breath of plum and true romantic blushes. I own all three blushes but on a mission is a combination of all three blushes with a twist of it's own. So yep, this is all I got from this collection because these were the must have items from this collection. I got tempting e/s already and the other 3 e/s didn't seem interesting or that unique. I also wanted lustre drop in pink rebel and brave bronze lipstick but it was sold out. If I'm lucky enough I will get my hands on it when I go to Springfield this week.

These are all the e/s I have collected. I will not name all of them because I did type them up in microsoft word but since I couldn't copy and past it I won't even bother typing it all in. I will say this though this is all MAC eyeshadow and I plan to do a blog about my MAC collection so I will list all the names and everything.

These are the eyeshadow palettes from the 2008 christmas collection. from left to right: 6 smokey eyes(MG inspire me on getting this palette), intriguing scarlet 6 warm eyes, infatuating rose 6 warm eyes, devoted poppy 6 classic eyes. I haven't play with two of the palette yet so I'm still unsure which of these are my favorite yet. But I will say that the smokey eye palette is the least interesting one out of all but it does have 2 main colors from the line like carbon and satin taupe. I did a look using the smokey eye palette and following MG video but I think that I like my hello kitty colors better for a smokey eye some how it just looked better then this x-mas palette.

fresh green mix mineralized e/s, pink split, two to glow, another NC30 studio foundation stick and please me lipstick. I have this foundation already but I was running low on it and I like the way it made my skin looks flawless so I decided to get another one. But two days before leaving wisconsin, I had this foundation on and I don't know if it's because of the weather up there or what but my skin was a little dry and this foundation didn't look pretty at all. But when I got home my skin seems to be back to normal and it's no longer drying out like how it always does when I'm in wisconsin. I tried this foundation on yesterday and thursday and my skin looks flawless again so I think I will be keeping this second tube just in case. I might change my mind but I really love how this foundation feels so light on your face and how easy it is to apply it on.

I got greenstroke pp(finally made up my mind and got it), blackground pp, quite natural paint pot, cocomotion pigment which I transfer into this container because I did some recycling, golden olive pig, tea time pig, antique green, pastorle, lovely lily, melon and blonde's gold pigment.

Cream color base in fresh morning(MG inspire me on getthing this again), Solar riche bronzer, petticoat MSF, gentle mineralized blush, bone biege emphasize sculpt and shape powder and hyper real foundation.

These are the 11 eyeshadows I got from recyling 67 empty containers. I forgot to flip the picture so I will just randomly name these shadows, sorry but it's too late to reload the photo up. I got juxt, espresso, brown down, stars and rockets, cork, patina, amber lights, naked lunch, sushi flower, twinks, and wedge.

I got this from DF&CCO store. There's 4 eyeshadow and a blush. I mainly bought this because of the blush and 2 of the eyeshadow. This was a well bought and thoughtful item before getting it. At first I didn't even see it but the second time that I went into the store I saw it hiding at the corner of the room by the front window. colors are: amber mystique matte, garnet sensation shimmer, exhibition sheen, honey moon sheen and blush is in aplum.

I got 4 single pan eyeshadow also at the DF&CCO for $1.99 a single pan. Colors are volcanic a medium silver greyish color, rose quartz a perfect rose color, bottom 2 single pans are: provence a matte purple very pretty, honeymoon a good highlighter color and I also got this bronzy eyeshadow palette to make a bronzy eye.

I also got this shu uemura eyelash curler with an extra curler(the plastic part) that came with this cute case for on the go. I thought that this was very clever of them to have made a makeup case just for your eye lash curler! They had it in gold and black but I got the black one instead.

These are the items that came along with the 2 Lancome bags. I got two lipstick in visionary and it girl, anti-wrinkle and firming cream, perfum in hypnose, high definition mascara, mascara base, and an eyeshadow palette. E/s are from top to bottom: honeymoon, kitten heel, pose, and lezard

I know this photo was suppose to be uploaded first but I keep forgeting so oh, well. I got these two bags with all of the items from the previous pictures as a set for $19.99. Oops! I just hit a random button and the picture went disappearing so maybe next time you'll get to see these two cute bags that I got from Lancome. I got a larger one for traveling and a medium size one for on the go.

I went to sephora many times and twice that same month I got 2 sample of the smashbox photo finish bronzer in glowing. I don't have the exact product now so I don't know what it's call but you get the idea. So on the day before leaving my sisters, nieces and I went to sephora and I decided to get this one. I like it a lot and was debating if I should or not but I really like the outcome of this product. I will do a full review on it later.

I got 3 of these products for the price of one at TJ MAXX. They rarely have these products or kits there so if you are a big fan and crazy in love with chi's products I think you should check your TJ. I got the helmet head to protect your style to make it last longer, volume booster basically for giving your hair volume, fabric paste which is like a texture paste but it also help hold your style in and I was suppose to get the 2 oz silk infusion but it was missing. At first, I was looking all over the beauty aisle for it but I gave up because it was no where in sight. I'm guessing a customer was hiding it somewhere in the store or someone probably stole it. Last, I bought the infra shampoo separatley for 7.99. I got it because it's suppose to moisturize your hair and help it stays healthy and nice.

These are the NYX products I've order online in Missouri but I had it shipped to Wisconsin because no one was going to be home to pick it up. colors are smokey look, tea rose and baby rose. They smell really good but it's medium sheer but not sheer enough that you can't see it because you could see it. They smell pretty good and has sparkles in it I think that's why it's called mega shine gloss which I won't be purchasing any of these because I hate sparkles in gloss.

Round lip gloss for $1
baby pink, doll pink, kiss, ballerina pink, peach, pink, natural, strawberry, real nude and sparkle
Very happy with real nude and natural because they are as they're called and they are matte nude lip gloss and the pigmentation of it is very good. I'm happy with doll pink but I thought it would be a baby doll pink gloss but turned out to be a fuschia color but at least it's a matte and super super pigmented. It's more pigmented then natural or real nude. For the rest, I was a little disappointed in because the swatches on the site showed that they were matte and creamy but they turned out with some shimmer/glitters in it which I don't like but at least they are not sheer like the mega shine gloss. The one that I am most disappointed with is sparkle because on the site it was super pretty and matte but when it arrived it was a sparkle tube as you can see. Before buying anything off the site I suggest doing some research before purchasing any nyx products from anywhere especially on their site or on cherry.

glitter liquid liner in cyrstal
this is similiar to urban decay's liquid liner with the glitter
inside if you want a cheaper alternative then try these from
nyx because they are just as good expect it's half the price. Note, that
i do own urban decay's glitter liquid liner too. This is my first from nyx.

round lipstick in baby pink- too shimmery for me but pigment

lip liners pencil in pinky, dolly pink and bloom
these are very pigmented for a cheap price meaning that it's as good as you can get!

nyx jumbo pencil in hot pink and dark brown
these jumbo eye pencil are creamy, goes on easily on your lid, doesn't crease if you have a good eye primer on and a very good base plus they are cheap and better than higher end ones. Trust me I own almost all the shades except for the blues don't know why don't bother asking but I just don't think I'll use blue as a base and I hardly use blue on the lid.

atlantic, beauty queen, eggplant, burgundy perl
white pearl, wild fire, hawaiian coffee, prune
Nyx eyeshadows has a good payoff of colors and they do show up on your lids. They are a little pricy for an individual one but compare to MAC or other higher end brand it's cheaper. I would say they are worth buying and as a makeup starter I would start with these before moving on to higher brands.

princess pink, aqua marine, sweet pink,
algae, deep purple, marrakesh, wild flower

NYX blushes in pinky, silky rose, angel and mauve
I love their blushes. They are very easy to blend and easy to work with. I own all the shades except the dark colors and tan ones. I have all the pink shade there is to have. My first blush and item that I got from NYX by accident, not having a clue what NYX was before was mocha. It was my first blush from them and I love this blush alot. I think it'll always be my favorite blush from them. I haven't tried the rest of these colors out but I will and I will do a full review on it.

I also got their case. I don't know why I have so many makeup bags but I wanted to see if this one will hold my MAC brushes but it doesn't but at least it holds the small one. Even though I can't put any of my MAC brushes in at least it is portable and convient for on the go.

These are the rings I got with my forever 21 haul from online. Aren't they pretty?

I forgot about this one item so this is why it's
picture alone here and not with the other claire

I got this one while I was in Kansas City at their outlet. This one doesn't count but it is one of the newest item I got right before leaving to Wisconsin.

I think I'm not sure because I have so much acessories but I think I
got this one at the forever 21 accessories store

Got this one at the forever 21 accessories store at Mayfair Mall in Wauwautosa.

I definitely got this one online. At first I was really skeptical about it but I'm in love with pearl and peral look alike so I just decide to order it with no luck and hoping that it'll turn out good. Yep! It did turn out good because this necklace is so gorgeous. I mean dead gorgeous pretty. Too pretty to describe it. Gosh it will out shine anything that you wear even your makeup!

Got this one from charoltte russe. It match my ring that I got from forever 21 and my shirt from wet seal.

I got this at 7 mile fair and forgot to have it picture together. I always forget so don't mind.

these are the earrings I got from forever 21. which of
these would be my favorite one? It would be the last one,
the big one and long one. In my picture it doesn't look nice
but on their site it does and when you wear it, it's so nice and
classic! Yeah, classy is the word for it!

I know this is lame but to me it's not because I did
get this on my trip. My older sister gave me this
sterling earring.

I got these from claire's. They match and super cute.

Got these glasses from Wet Seal. My favorite one
are the black one. Something different and unique
that I don't have in my collection.

I got these from 7 mile also. 4 rings for $1 a piece and 2 nail
filer for $1

I got these stickers at 7 mile also! Aren't they cute?
I know it's kind of childish but it's for my palette!

Beside the scarf that I got from WS I also got this hello kitty bag.
super duper cute and what a deal!

The rest of these are just clothes and items that I've bought while
I was gone away from home sweet home. So enjoy and
judge for your self.
abercrombie pj

old navy shoes

abercrombie flip flops

forever 21 shirt that I bought in store
This is what I wore under a vest to my
sister's graduation.

kimono shirt form forever 21 online

forever 21 online

forever 21 online
I love this ruffle shirt. It looks so good
under anything or alone. I wored it on
vacation and got so many compliments.

On the last day shopping with my two sis and my two niece. This
dress caught my older's sis eye and my eye. This is what I'm supposely
wearing to the party in July. Don't know if we're going yet.

Got this baby doll shirt at Wet Seal. Love it!
It makes you look like a doll!

makes me look like a girlie rock star

I love how they design this shirt. I love
everything about it. I love the neck line or should
I say the top part so much. Somehow the top compliment my
face so well. Can't describe but a very unique and different style for me!

I look very professional in this

Don't own anything like this or any blue like this. Also
makes me look nice and something about the colors makes
my face looks....nice?? Can't find the word to describe it and
I know I have been saying alot that this shirt and that shirt
makes my face look brighter etc but it's the truth, it does I can't help
but tell the truth.

This shirt does something to my face when I wear it
and it complimented me very well just like my sister
have said.

an off shoulder top but gives you
an edge to the look! Which is why I got it!

got this before leaving to wisconsin but
wore it once to the branson outlet. a cute
and sophisicated shirt!

very different and never own this color in my

a baby doll shirt which you can wear it shoulder off

This is what I wore to the Chicago zoo
This shirt makes my face look brighter!
I also love it very much! Probably my
favorite one out of all! It compliment my
face and skin!

WS sweater
Looks plain but comes out nice

abercrombie sweater minus my feet

abercrombie blouse
A very pretty and unique blouse

old navy t-shirt but a cute one

old navy tube top

Well this is it guys, I hope it wasn't so boring and hoe ya enjoy my long hauling blog!

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