Friday, June 5, 2009

My day, today

So today I went shopping my sister and niece. We went in the afternoon around 3pm to do some major makeup shopping for my sister but I end up getting a lot of goodies. Boy, was I happy kidding! I found me some cute cute clothes and it's so good that I don't even know how to brag about it. Any how, I went to the mac counter and got me refined golden bronzer, vibrant grape e/s, soft orche paint pot (discounting tell ya later about it), on a mission blush and redhead msf. I got me 4 paint pot sample and the studio sculpt foundation in NC30. After that we went to abercrombie, abercrombie & fitch, wet seal and forever 21. Well at first, we went to Sephora and after going to the mall we went to Pleasant Parie. Yes, I got some goodie goods! I'm very please with my purchase today I was very happy and glad to have gotten everything today except for the CCO that we went to needed better customer service. Yes, this CCO has the worst customer service EVER and they seriously need to change because they are also the most prejudice people ever! They only like and consider cacausian people even though the manager there is Asian. She's stupid and it was so fun making fun of her. Haha..isn't that funny? Asian folk hating on Asian people, she's stupid and I swear an idiot! Oh, wel l except for her then my day has been pleasant and good. But the really good part about it was that since there was a whole group of me, my 2 sis and my 2 niece there that we made it fun instead of being angry and piss at her. We were having so much fun that we were pissing her off! Any who, I'm going now and pictures will be up when I go home. Oh, one thing I forgot to tell ya is that I will be leaving Wisconsin on Sunday morning. *sniff* Home sweet home, here I come! I can't wait to get home and clean and pack but I will miss my sister....oh well hopefully, I will be back in Wisconsin and partying with people and hopefully having more fun then this time!

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