Thursday, June 25, 2009

Anxious and Anxiety

AHHH! The a and a...anxious and anxiety. I haven't been receiving any package in the mail at all! I'm still waiting on my barrym products which I ordered two weeks ago. I know international shippings are long but two week is way too long. At the end of this week, which tomorrow is Friday already then it would be consider 3 weeks already. I'm worry about my package as they did have my shipping address wrong maybe I'll contact them right after I blog. Second, I haven't receieve any email conformation on shipping on my other two MAC orders. I waited this whole week to see if my package was going to arrive but no luck at all. Ahh! My little angel told me that someone came to the door and left a package just now and yep! it was UPS with one of my mac order! WHooah! that's one down and one more to go. Thirdly I'm waiting for my 180 brush which I got from ebay to get here. Wow! everything seems to be so long when I'm waiting for my packages to arrive but when I do get to open it up I'm so excited but after storing and organizing all the products into my vanity I'm like hmm....what else is there? Is something wrong or do I just get over the excitment and joy of these items really quickly after receiving them? Well, I'm going to go open up my box so don't be surprise when you see another haul..

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