Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Victoria Secret VS Bath & Body Works

So have you ever wonder which store to go to
and the price ranges of their products? Well
here's a full review of it.
Victoria Secret
customer service: don't really greet you when you first enter
but does when you purchase something from the store
packaging: slightly larger then b&b
smell: smells good
ranges of smell: yes, but not a lot of them that I like. I like
two smell from there.
prices: 5 for $30
use to be 5 for $35
lotions and body creams: $9.50
no hand soap, no candles, no air plug in air fresheners

VS has no sale throughout the year for their lotions and fragrances. Unless
it's their semi-annual sale where they're getting rid of discontinue items. They're
sale is 5 for $30 and that's it or purchase them separately.
Bath & Body
customer service: good customer service no matter what
packaging: cuter then VS
smell: lots of different smells
ranges of smell: a lot more then VS
prices: lotions-$9.50
splash-around $9
perfume-around $20 and $25
body creme-$9-10
bubble bath and shower gel-$9-10
has hand soap, candles, air freshener,
they do come in mini travel size for body splash, hand sanitizer and lotion
They usually have sale like buy 3 get 3 free, buy 2 get 2 free, 3 for
$35, they'll have coupons during the year, etc.
Overall, both these stores has their own advantages but I will say that
at first, I liked VS more then anything and I still do only because of 3
of their lines. Besides the bras, panties and lingerie then there's nothing
in it for me. But I love how b&b have so much to choose from and my favorite scent
is in there. I like both stores to be honest and they both are from the same company they
just made 2 stores but came from same company or creator. I guess it is just a matter
of which store has your scent. I love both to death so I can't complain!

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