Saturday, June 20, 2009


Look where did I go to?

This is what I got

guess what it is?

I got this other cleaner and a

brush for free. First time I got

something for free from coach..

I didn't know they do this but guess

the guy liked me enough to give me this.

got a signature coach cleaner

I got this for my cards and id

since they didn't have it in a

wallet size. I don't know why

the one in branson doesn't have much

wallet like the one in wisconsin.

This is one of the newest design for

their collection. I thought it was so unique

and different so I got it. The pinks are similiar

to the one I have but I just gotta have it!

This is a full view of it.

Here's all the skin care items I got. All of them are

from Estee Lauder. I got 2 brightening UV protector,

1 brightening cleanser and 2 brightening moisturizer.

I love this line from Estee it's the best and unbelievable!

I will be reviewing these in a few days since I have tried

some of these items out for months now.

Tenderling, strada, shy beauty, x-rocks and harmony blushes

guess what these are..

nope it's not studio fix fluid

fast eye response cream


mineralize satin foundation with SPF15

in NC30

I finally got the MAC 165 brush

which came out with the brunette

blonde and redhead collection.

*I can cross it off my list of

regretting items

here's a closer view of the


structural brown paint

clinique acne solutions for disappearing blemishes

and what acne left behind

MSF in Blonde & Light flush

Finally got it! Yah me!

apres ski, sumputious olive, arctic grey and passionate
This is the least amount of eyeshadow I have ever

bought from MAC or the CCO.


gold stroke, gold mode and mutiny pigments

closer look at it

I got home and I found out that 2

of my ebay package has arrive which

I haven't been expecting.

This is what I got a NARS

eyeshadow duo in

India song.

sorry about the flash but this is

the best I could do. FYI even though

I got these off of ebay this one along

with 2 other items I got from this seller

is authentic NARS! You can't cheat me

when it comes to NARS.

This is the second package.

Don't you think this one looks

better then the first one?

Look what's inside....another

NARS blush in mata hari but...

notice that there's a nars signature

imprinted in the blush itself.

What does this mean? It's a fake!

Yes, FAKE NARS blush! I may not

own a lot of NARS but I do know NARS

well enough to spy a fake! This is what I

get for buying from ebay. I learn my lesson

I will not be buying from ebay no more

especially nars cosmetics! These are probably

the cheap kind that are made in China but

sold for cheaper price.

Look at my VS bag

I got a makeup remover, refreshing spray, sweet temptation

body spray (love this smell, I think they are discontinuing this

smell) and a 2 in 1 double ended pencil sharpner

here's a closer view of it

I also got this scooper at the CCO for my pigments

and for when I have any makeup projects.


I finally went to a mac standing and
finally got what I've been wanting and
waiting for... so after trying it out I decided
to get 2 of them. I love this packaging on
the lipstick alot more then I did with the
blush and eyeshadow.

braze new bronze lipstick

closer look at them

Read what this bag say

and that's exactly what

I'm trying to tell ya.

take time to appreciate the

simple and elegant packaging

dum dum dum...

a blush and lipgloss

Guess which color these babies are in?

striptease and deepthroat

Yes, I finally got it! It's off my list for


It came with a real nice packaging and ribbon

wrapped around the box but I had to tore it

up to see which colors was I getting in this package.

first gloss:giza(coral) and boogie nights(fushica)

second glos:chihuahua(matte pink) and rose birman(brickred)

third gloss:sweet dreams(sparkly pink) and harlow(metallic taupe)

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