Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pictures OR no Pictures

Okay so here is the bottom line. I do want to upload and post some of my pictures on my blog but I am afraid of fraud and fakers. I don't want my photos to be on myspace, facebook and other dating sites. I think it's just stupid for those who do that to others. We all know that some people are desperate enough to put other people's photo as themself on the net. So I am debating on what to do. I have decided that I will upload one photo as my profile photo but I think I need to put my signature on it. Even though I know fakers can still take my photos and fake it as me. I just recently read two sentences from christina's blog as I was scanning through and she said something about someone faking to be her. I may not be a hacker or an expertise on the net but I have learn many things and one thing I know is that there'll always be hackers on the net anytime any day of the week, months or even seconds. Now I feel like maybe I should just put up a picture of hello kitty or something that I like or interest me. Help? Please feel free to give any advice. thanks...

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