Friday, June 26, 2009

Aero Mineral Foundation

These photos might be pretty scary but
bare with me and just look at the foundation.
So I have been reviewing that I've been loving
the aero mineral foundation. I have wored it for
a whole week and this stuff is so awesome. It smells
like butter and even outside when the wind blows
you'll be able to smell it. This stuff doesn't cover up
your blemishes, freckles and other problems as well
as studio fix fluid does but this thing will last the
whole day without having to touch up. This is the first
foundation I have tried that does as it claims. This
is a medium to full coverage foundation but yet it makes
your skin looks flawless and natural. It doesn't look like you
have a mask on or anything. After cooking in the kitchen with
no AC, in the sun at 98 degree and sweating this foundation
didn't even crease, smear or disappear. It was like magic when I
took a look in the mirror. I was pretty surprise myself. Overall, I
think I might go back and grab me one more bottle, their bronzer
and their shimmer spray. I deleted the photo of this foundation so
if you want to look at it it's in one of my older blog.

Here's a closer view.

I like this photo better!
Don't mind I was ready to take off my makeup for the day
and get into the shower but then, I remember I had to take
a photo.
FYI: this foundation is made from classified cosmetics. Classified cosmetics
are the makeup that are used on the show "dancing with the stars." Yes, the
type of foundation they use on those celebrities is classified cosmetics. Classified
cosmetics can be found on their site or sometimes on Some Sephora in
California do carry classified cosmetics, I think like the one in LA or the one near
Disney Land. They have preview and talk about their cosmetics line on tv show
such as hsn, qvc and others. They have2 line in their cosmetics and it's
ERA and basically classified cosmetics. Foundations from
these two line starts at exactly $50. So I was surprise when I found out that these are made
from classified cosmetics but they just used a different formula on this foundation. When I
tried their orginal foundation line at the salon I don't recall it smelling like butter so I guess
as a cheaper version they add the butter smell to it. Overall, this foundation is made from the
same company, package the same way, the same amount of product but half the price of
ERA or classified cosmetics! So what's not to love, thanks classified cosmetics because
I have been loving ya for a while but it was too pricy and not the price to pay for it. But now
that I found out that there is a cheaper alternative from ya, I'll help myself and stock up some

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