Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beauty Ticket

So today I was cleaning in the living room and when I saw someone outside of my porch.
I took a look and guess who it was? The mail man came and there sitting on the floor was
a package. Of course, I knew it was mine but I still had 10% doubt that it wasn't mine.
I went outside and got the package and sure thing it was my package from
I'm surprise that it came because I wasn't expecting it. I'm so excited mostly because of the
nail polishes but I did get excited about the makeup afterward. I'm kind of disappointed with
my choices in the makeup but we'll see how it turns out. Here is what I got....
Look what's inside?
This is how it looked like
when I first open it up.

Here's a closer look at it

They have very nice packaging.
Don't you think? The card with
the girl on it is an inspiration of
how I want my makeup to look
like. Her makeup looks so natural!
I love it and thank god they added it in.

Look at the pretty packaging and
how adorable it is. Doesn't it make
you feel girly girl?

Here's a closer look at the packaging.
Take time to appericate the pink and
cutiness of it.

This is my main freebie from ordering
from the site. Usually when you order
you get a freebie sometimes it's a mini
size and sometimes full size.

Closer look at lipgloss.

Joey New York "state of the arch" brush,
double ended brow brush
I wanted to try this out.

stila concealer and smashbox blush

stila concealer in warm/4 and smashbox blush in aperature

China Glaze full size jar of top coat,
base coat and cuticle oil.

Boujoris lovely brille Lipstick in
paradis transparent and rose croisette.

China Glaze Ecollection Collection
recycle for nature, helps make the world a better place

I get a free reusable china glaze bag...
guess I have to send it in to get my bag.

Ecollection polishes
colors are shower together (C), tree hugger (shimmer),
recycle (C) and solar power (creme with shimmer)

Look at what I got as a freebie
which I didn't know about. A
cute bag.

China Glaze INK Collection

Look at what I got for free.
A china glaze Love iron -on patch.
Which I doubt I'll ever use but thanks.

Closer look at the ink collection
colors are: japanese koi(C), flying dragon (glitter),
blue sparrow (G) and ink with nail art brush (this
one is like one of those nail art polishes for nail art
So my overall reaction and review of this haul is that...
1. beauty ticket shipping charges were reasonable
2. shipping was fast
3. they have lots to choose from
4. lots of variety of items and brands
5. I'm just disappointed in my selection of makeup..don't
know what I am going to do with it sells higher end cosmetics for more then half the price that
are sold at the retail store. Most items are limited edition or discontinue items
only. They have brands such as stila, smashbox, boujoris, china glaze, pop beauty,
perscritives, hard candy, iman, care by stella mccartney and many more. They have
items for under $5, $5-1$0, $10-$20, $20 and up. They not only sell makeup, they
sell skin care, hair care, bath and body, tools, gifts set and kits. Usually they have special
offers and steal of the week.
They have a lot of goodies online with a bargain price tag so if you are
interested in any of these brands maybe you should check their site out
and maybe you'll just be lucky enough to find items that you I did.

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