Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nail Mask

FYI this looks weird I know but just this
one time only I promised. This is how my
nails looks like before applying the nail mask.

Have any one heard of a nail mask before? I haven't and I was so surprise when I purchase it.

I had no idea that there was a such thing for nail. I know there is for the face but not the nails. Oh, well it was interesting and amazing at the same time. Now that I know such thing exist I'm glad that it does. So basically review on it is that this product is good stuff. The brand is deborah which I have never heard of but I got it at Walmart at their clearance aisle. I don't see it at my local walmart so I'm thinking some might still carry it at their clearance aisle but I have never heard nor seen her products at walmart or any where from target to walgreen before. But she do have a website which I can't remember now. This product really works as good as if you were to put a mask on your face. You'll get the same result except that it's on your nails. After putting this on for one whole night I could see the difference in my nails. My nails were damage after the January artificial nails that I had put on and it is still in bad shape til this day. But 3 days ago I tried this mask on and viola it was stronger, brighter and new! I saw a big big difference in my nails. This thing really works as if you were to put a mask on your face. My overall impression and review on this product is that yes, I would buy it again, it was cheap or if it was ten dollars or more I would still have bought it, packaging was perfect and convience and product works as is said to do. I bought this product not knowing it was $1 but in my opinion it's worth more than one bucks! You're suppose to apply this on to nails and leave it in for a minium of 4 hours or leave it over night and peel it off in the morning. The only down side to this product is that it's annoying to peel the mask off. At times, it makes you want to tear your fingers off. It takes time and patience to peel these things off so if you're inpatience then I suggest you'll have a hard time with any nail mask. But overall, I love and I do enjoy using this product it was a great investment that I made..hehehe....

this is how it's package

I forgot to take a before picture but this
one is the after picture of after I had apply
the nail mask to my nails.

This is when I had to remove the mask the next morning before
applying any nail polish or leaving my nails clean. You always
have to remove because it is not safe if it gets into your food. Just
like a face mask you don't leave it on for weeks.

Here is a closer look at the mask while
I'm trying to peel it off. It might gross some
of ya out but just thought I shared it with ya.
Note: I took all of them out except for my pinky
finger so look at pinky.

This is how my nails looked like after removing the
mask and washing my hands. See how shiny and healthy
my nails looked like.??

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