Monday, June 29, 2009

Jane Cosmetics Sale

Okay, so I was in walgreens the other day trying to get me some prestige cosmetics but when I went in I found out that Walgreens is discontinuing that brand, beauty advisor don't know why but the company is. I guess that made sense because when I was in Wisconsin, no wonder there was tons and tons of prestige cosmetics on sale. Well, coming into the store with disappoint made me going out with tons of goodies. I was strolling looking for prestige before not knowing that it was discontiune and came upon Jane cosmetics. One thing that I really like about Jane is their blushes! I've tried one eye shadow, one gel liner and one foundation and that's it. I'm not impress with their eyeshadow, don't know if it was too shimmery or what but the quad that I purchase was barely touched. The gel liner is okay haven't tried in awhile now but maybe I will give it a try. As for the foundation, it's cheap but I like it. It gives me enough coverage and my face looks natural. It was a year ago when I tried the foundation and the bottle is like half way through or 25% off it is gone. I just thought that I let all you beauty blogger know that Jane is going to be discontiuning from Walgreens and the sale is super amazing and crazy so get yourself some goodies from this brand. FYI I play with some of the items I got and I was amaze with next blog.

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