Friday, June 26, 2009

MAC #3

Like I said while I was blogging yesterday, my
third package came in other than MAC!

Let's take a peek at what's inside,
shall we?

Constructivist paint pot
Sorry but something was wrong with
the lighting and this is the best I got
out of 4 pictures.

smolder eye kohl

first row: star violet
second row: freshwater and beautiful iris(the name says
it all!)

Blushbye blush

Here's a closer view at it and
again sorry about the lighting,
out of 6 photos this was the best.

bare neccessity dazzlegloss

silverthron eyeshadow
from the rose a romance

Posey Cream Blush

Gleeful Mineralize Blush

This pretty much rounds up what I got
from this haul. One more box to go and
that's it for MAC! Just got an email conformation
last night saying that my box #4 has been shipped.
Yah! Can't wait!

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