Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bath & Body Works

japanese cherry blossom
Can you read what this says?
Japanese Cherry Blossom
(that's what the heading says in webdings)
Here is my haul of all my japanese cherry blossom that
I own and collected. I know it's a mess but it's just an
obession that took over me. I went major japanese cherry
blossom crazy so this is how I got all of these items.

Do you want a smell that smells good, sophisicated, and makes you smell like you're rich? Yes,I know it sounds stupid but believe me this stuff makes you smell like a million bucks! This stuff is good and I can't even find the words to describe it. Like seriously there's no words to explain how good and awesome this smell is. I'm just glad and thankful that b&b created this smell. I'm also glad that I went inside of the b&b with my sisters and she introduced the smell to me. I love her for doing this forever! She only owns the perfum but me I own everything there is in this collection. This is my signature smell and yes, you've heard me my signature smell!

from my box of storing it away because
I was moving. Can you see them? They
are the ones on the right hand side.

Those from the first box plus this box pretty
much makes up my whole collection.

All of them from left to right...
body oil (new thing they had for
x-mas of 2008), body cream, body
lotion, lather body scrub, body splash,
shower gel, bubble bath, hand soap liquid form,
hand soap sanitizer, hand cream, body lotion,
mini on the go hand sanitizer, on the go hand foam,
and last but not least my perfum.

from the top view..doesn't look
a lot huh? in reality it's a lot more
then what a person should have.

Look at my army of Japanese Cherry Blossom

Here's my body perfum yes, I've said it
body perfum. It's stronger than a body
splash. The black one is a travel size
luxe ...something something don't
have the exact product here and too
lazy to go get it. hehe..

I love the packaging. It was hard and heart breaking
throwing it away but I must for the better of myself.
I just have too many stuff including too many things
that I don't need..some say it's junks but to me it's memories
that count.

And all my other items from bath and body works.
country apple hand soap
wildsuckle body splash(discontinue*limited edition online only)
warm vanilla (somthing like that) body splash
enchanted orchid hand soap
country apple hand sanitizer lotion and vanillia hand cream
country apple lotion
warm vanilla body lotion
country apple set got from Wisconsin (lotion, shower gel, and splash)
lastly, mini sweet pea travel size that I got for free
I Love Japanese Cherry Blossom!
Can you read what this says?

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