Wednesday, June 17, 2009

8ty8 beauty store

Ahhhh!!! I just got an email confirmation that my items has just been shipped. Just been shipped? I've order it like last week or it has been a week and how many days now almost two weeks and they've just email me a confirmation email. I'm kind of piss off and angry at the same time! I have been waiting and waiting for my order and shipping confirmation but no luck at all. So I thought that my order got lost with processing because I did have a little bit of internet problem. Then all of a sudden, today they've decided to send it. Ahh! I'm piss that I just now recieved my confirmation and just now know that my order did go through. Second, their shipping charges are so high even if you bought very little items like I did! Imagine if I would have bought tons of items like I did on a different site. They didn't tell me an exact quote of how much they were charging for shipping but they did say it was going to be $6 so I was like okay, that's why I sumitted my order but then just now found out they charge me $11 bucks for shipping and I got very few stuff. That is outrageous and stupid. Especially when their shipping is slow, shipping charges are ridiculous, and ordering status isn't stable. Have any one have this problem before with 8ty8 beauty store? Tell me about your experience with this store. I was inspire long long time ago by miss aubrey but I was waiting to get to my new place(which I am at now) before ordering but I was inpatience inside all the time and now that I did order items off their site I feel disappointment. She was talking about how fast their shipping was and how reasonable their shipping charges was but to me I would have to disagree from my experience. Maybe I'll have better luck next time when I order from them....if I do....

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