Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nails Nails

This is how I store all my nails. Yep, in a plastic drawer..
I did plan to order a nail rack but I have decide that it
would have took up so much room so I'll just store it this
way and save a little more money.
this photo was suppose to be in my nail haul but forgot
so I had to put it in this one. This is how my free kit looked
like..It looks more awesome then it was package for. I can't
wait to try these out!

pink: my #1 favorite color for my nails

purple: my second favorite color excluding the black
but black had to be in this category since I own only one

green for netural...when I want
to feel natural then I go for green..
I know it sounds weird and odd

orange: was my favorite color
of 2009 I have to say

nail care: base coat, top coat,
shiny coat, strengthing coat,
growing polish and of course
my nail mask**my favorite!

All my french polishes

the three LA COLOR
art deco nail art polishes
that I own

blues for when I'm
feeling blue and down

my only yellow and it's
a creme which is a must!

Red which are my least favorite
color to put on but yet a girl gotta
own some red!

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