Thursday, July 30, 2009


As you can see I am almost out of both, condition
and shampoo. *sniff* I love this stuff it's so so so
good! As you can read, this really is comfort food
for damage hair. I don't have damage hair but I
did use hair styling tools for 2-3 years straight
and I thought that it was time to take care of my

This is basically made out of oatmeal and honey.
What it does is that it restore all your hair nutrients,
minerals and vitamins back. So you will get that natural
healthy hair back. From what I experience, this stuff
does really restore your hair back. When I feel like my hair
is damage(i know sounds dumb) and unhealthy I would use
this and see a big difference in my hair texture and hair itself.

I have given a sample to my older sister and she said that
this stuff was amazingly good! She was so impress with this
set as she was the one that got introduce to it but somehow
I end up being the one, who bought it. She said that it restore
all her hair and her hair looked a lot healthier and "better."
To me, I use it the same way as I would any other shampoo and
condition. I use a dime size and rub it into my hair. But I will say
that for this condition, I do use a little bit more then a dime size
because it doesn't spread out and somehow it just seems to need more

Overall, I love this product as much as I love the matrix system set. To
me, this and the matrix set are my to go to hair care. Yes, when I'm talking
about hair care, I am talking about products that will restore my hair to it's
natural condition and helps make my hair look more healthier. Matrix set gives
me the volume and the catwalk set restore and definitely makes my hair look
a lot more healthier. So when I feel like I need one of these condition, I use which
ever one I feel like but when I feel like I need both, I use both set!

I just recently bought catwalk's moisture shampoo and condition so I am
excited to try it out. As my hair tend to be a little dry, sometimes. I am
loving this brand as well so don't be surprise if I get more things from them!

Matrix Voluminzing Shampoo & Condition

I have been using this set for 2-3 years now and I must say
this set is amazing. If you ever wanted that volume in your
hair without having to tease, all you need is this shampoo and
condition. What I do is take a dime size of shampoo and rub it
into my hair. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, I know it's long but it
really does sets into your hair, and then wash my hair out. Next,
I take a dime size of condition and rub it into my hair, let it sit
in your hair for 5-10 minutes and wash it out. After coming out
of the shower, I usually wrap my towel around my hair and keep
it on for 5-10 minutes. I then take my towel out and let my hair
air dry, naturally, and wait till morning. The next morning, I get
that natural volume in my hair without having to tease.

It won't give you that big volume, sexy hair that you're picturing
but this shampoo and condition does give your hair more volume.
By more, I mean you'll be able to see the volume and a big difference
in your hair.
This set can be found at any hair salon, usually some salons has it as a
set for $26 bucks. They last a long time but do expire in 12 months. All
you need is a dime size because once you rub it into your hair, it will
spread out and be enough even if you have thick or thin hair. Trust me
a dime size is enough as I do have medium thick hair and it will be enough.
My overall reaction to this set is that it is worth the money, if you buy
it in a set. It does last quiet a long time, my first set last me two years
and this set(which is my second) last me one and a half year. If you want
volume in your hair then this the only shampoo and condition that I have
experience that really does the job. I have tried many other brands, from
high ends to drugstore and this is the magic worker. I love this set and I
do plan to buy more from this brand because I have tried their other shampoo
and condition that does different things and I have to say, I am impress and
in love with this brand! Let me know if you have tried this brand or set out
and what the results are for you.

Random Pick & Choose

Yesterday, was just a random day I wasn't planning to go shopping
nor buy anything. But I did take my brother to get some things and
I came across these goodies, for a bargain. When I mean bargain, it's
a really great deal!

Maybelline lipstick from left to right: true pink, winsor pink and butternutty
Maybelline lip liner in rose

Here are the swatches
L-R: Winsor Pink, true pink, butternutty and rose lip liner
I did see these lipsticks in CVS and Walgreen and they were buy one , get
one for free. I almost picked them up but I am glad I held out because I
got a better deal on it! I think I am planning to get more of these lipsticks.
I just have to cruise around and see what each different store has...well this
is it for now and let me know if you have tried these lipsticks out before.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from Wisconsin

To-da! So this time I went up north for a family camping and at the

last minute, I decided to stay with my sisters and nieces in Milwaukee.

While I was visiting them and spending time with them, I did get the chance

to go shopping. So here is what I got, not a lot, this is very little to me as

if I really wanted to shop I would have gotten twice of what I have here.

Trust me, this time it was very little shopping and more spending time with



Guess what I have from Coach?

Let's take a peek!

Moment of Appreciation of the packaging

I got this wallet because it was so unique and different. Something

new that I don't own in my wallet collection and yes, this would be

my first wallet from coach.

Have you ever seen anything like this? so cute and worth it!

This is how the inside looks like...

Basically this bottom part is for your check books. I don't

have any check but I do have a bank account and I think

it's time I get myself some checks!

Again, I want to take a moment to appreciation the packaging.

I just thought that it was packed so well and neat, very precise

actually and it was packed by the manager.

To-da! Look what I have here. Isn't this cute? Okay so I wasn't

planning to buy anything from here, I was just curious of what

they had in there but when I first walk into the store, this was

the first thing I saw and I knew I had to had it!

This is what the inside looks like with all the papers still

in it.

Look at the detail at this purse and tell me if it's worth it or not?

My sister was right, this is the cutest purse throughout the whole

store! I don't know what it is with me but I do know that each time

I walk out of coach, I gotta have a bag. It's just an addiction just like


I love the details in this purse. This style is so different from

what they always put out there in the market, it's just so cute!

So I match the wallet so it would go with this purse. What

do you think, do they match or not?

Guess what is in this brown bag?

Don't you think this brown bag is too plain and hideous?

I think so, I think that the store of this company needs a

new signature bag.

The day before I was going to leave, I manage to go to

the..guess...CCO in Johnson Creek!

Here is an overview of all the goodies I got.

Scuplt and Shape in lightsweep shadester.

I love these because they are awesome, works really well but

best of all they are 2 in 1 and at a great price! These are found

at your local CCO if there's any other then that you can get the

full shade at a MAC pro store. The top portion is for highlighting

and the darker shade is for contouring. These things are so good

and worth the money and they are also great for on the go and traveling!

Danity Mineralize Blush

I saw this the last time I was there since it is the only

CCO that had all of the previous mineralize blushes but

I don't know why I didn't get it last time.? It's a soft, pretty

pink. From the swatch, I think it would be a great everyday

blush because it would give you that natural blush as if you

were blushing.

MAC 183 Brush

I've seen this at my local CCO but I don't know why

I never got it. I think one of the two issue why I didn't

get it is because I had my 182 brush and second, because

I think(not fully sure) it cost around $30-$38 bucks at my

CCO. I wasn't going to get this but when I asked the old granny

how much it was and it was a great buy! So I end up getting it.

Look how full and dense it is.

MAC 272 brush

I saw this at my local CCO as well as on the site but I passed on

it because I really don't use an angle brush, that often. I hardly

do but I have seen it in miss tiffany's videos all the time and she

uses one brush and same technique all the time. This time I decided

to get it because it is being discontinue and I don't have this from

MAC. I'm pretty sure that if I keep playing with it, I'll get the hang

of it and it might be a keeper...who knows.

Closer look at the 272 brush

One thing I like about this brush is that it's super soft, so

soft. Much softer then the 239 and I want to say the 168

but I haven't compare them. Just now, I just thought of the

idea that this is a minituare version of the 168, don't ya think so?

Eye Products

L-R:glamour check, netural pink, daisychain, aquadisac

On top of these shadows is a shade stick in shimmermint.

Last row, earthly riches mineralized eyeshadow and jardin

aires pigment.

Closer view at the eye products

I just love all of these colors. I'm so happy I got these as

they are the most stand out ones, out of all the eye products

they had there.

Lip Products

L-R:e-z baby tentertone, utter pervette lipstick, classical

lipstick, perfect pink gloss, florabundance gloss, and naked

space lipglass.

Florabundance was inspire by WSITN. EZ baby tendertone

was inspire by miss laura and the rest, I got them because

they were so different..different from what I have that deserve

to be in my collection. These were the ones that stand out from

the rest, to me that's why I got them.

Classical lipstick is probably the most unusally

and different lipstick I have ever seen. Yes,

seriously and I am not joking about this lipstick.

It is the perfect description of the word "classical."

Basically the name says it for it self, without needing

to explain it. It is a very classic lipstick, how do I know?

When swatching it, the color payoff was says it all! I have

never swatch a lipstick like this one and I don't own one,

so it's the most unusal lipstick for me but yet, a very unique



This one deserve to be on it's own because it was on

my list of must have and now I can finally cross it out.

It is different from the other one that I own, which I

can't remember at the moment and I left it at my mom's

place before going to wisconsin. It is a nude pinkish

lip balm which I wasn't that impress with after swatching

it but I got it anyways. It is something different and I don't

own much of these plust they are very moisturizing so I

got it.


I went in to see the colour craft collection and did some

recycling and here is what I got.

L-R: snob, pink, colour craft, half n' half, up the amp, myth

Out of everything from colour craft collection I got one thing and

it's the colour craft lipstick. Everything else didn't appeal to me,

the eyeshadow seems cheap to me as when I first, saw the photos.

The blushes were too shimmery, I wanted it to be more pigmented

and they weren't plus I hardly use mineralize blushes(not my favorite).

I didn't get any of the MSF because I own quite a few of them already

and I barely touch them and haven't even played with the newest one

to my collection, so I passed on that. I rarely used them and I always

forget to use them so I think I will survive without them. Before this

collection came out, I thought that the MSF were the ones I was going to

get but after getting my senses back, I said "NO" because what is the

point of buying it if I am not going to use it? That is pretty much what I

got from this latest collection and what my thoughts are on it. Though,

I will admit that I have heard more and more people rave about the MSF

and now I am wanting it but I have to ask myself if I would use it, if not

I don't feel like wasting money especially at this time and moment.

Miscellanous stuff I forgot to put it in one photo

so it had to be alone. Don't mind my 182 brushand

brush holder at the back.

So at the beginning of this year, I have been crazy

about pearl(if you haven't notice). I decided to get

myself some nice pearls, yes the real pearl, not the

fake ones. My sister has just recently fell in love with

it for the last 3-4 months so we both went shopping

for pearls.

This is the necklace I got. I wished they were bigger

but somehow this necklace seems very classic. It just

looks so nice and compliment any outfits. Trust me, I

wored this ever since I got it and it matched every single

outfit and any style...maybe except for rock, emo etc.

I got this whole set of sterling silver genuine fresh water pearls

The white ones match my white necklace from the above photo.

I wored this and that necklace and vio-la it's magic! My sister got

this same set of earrings and necklace except that hers are white,

purple and creamy blue/purplish earrings and a creamy blue/

purplish necklace.

Love Lettuce Mask

I forgot to add this to my lush haul so it had to be up here with

everything else. I have been dying to get my hands on this mask

and from trying it once, it feels quite nice. Doesn't break me out,

my skin feels organic and fresh. To me, it looks exactly like a smash

lettuce that got blended. I think it is but they add some other ingredients

in it...maybe I can start making my own love lettuce so I won't have to

lose $7.95 each time I get this. I definitely reccomend this item from LUSH!

I didn't get much from here. I just randomly choose and pick

and at the end, this is what I got. No milani cosmetics as that

was on my list but I decided to pass on it, for now, till next time.
I got the Revlon nails in elle. They are french tip but to me it's

more of an airbrush french tip and it looks different from other

french tip nails I 've seen before. Last, I got another back up of

the essence of beauty brush cleaner. This stuff isn't the best but

for a cheap alternative, this stuff does work well.

Sally Beauty Supply

I went in with my second oldest sister but I ended

up with these goodies that she bought for me. I didn't

know they had this face brush as I have been wanting

the shiesido one. I also got two of their signature lipstick.

This is the last haul that I got from Walgreen probably the
third or fouth time I went to walgreen to get these goodies,
for an amazing price. I got two jane blushes in rose silk and
rose satin, a jane gel liner in wine, 2 loreal hip mascara (heard
so many good reviews on this one and it was a great buy), wnw
eyeshadow palette in sand castle and fantasy island and tahitian
bronzer which is another popular item from WNW.
Over all, I felt that I spent alot in walgreen for each time
that I went in and got something but it was a really great
deal that I got these products for. I am happy but I felt
that I was super crazy for these drugstore items which made
me drop quiet a lot of $$$. But it really was a good deal and
I felt that if I bought these alone without no sale, I would
have spent more money. Overall, I am happy but not that
satisfied but I have tried out some of these products and
I am pretty impress with it.

So I went in hoping to find country apple products which
was a no luck but I did get my hands on some goodies.

Rosemary Clenansing hand wipes
I got a smaller pack for 1.99 before and even though the smell
isn't the greatest, it does do the job and are great for on the
go and for makeup. These are very handy as I am a hands on
person, so I got this bigger pack for $4.99.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Cream
I usually hate body cream but this was a red line
meaning clearance item and when I opened it up,
I was blown away. It just look so buttery soft so
I had to buy it because I love this fragance and I
didn't own any japanese cherry blossom body cream.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume
I know, I have posted my collection for this fragance but
I'm just so addicted to it. I have stop going to BB but when
I saw how cheap these were, I got this one and thank god,
because it was the last one. This was a great buy so I couldn't
say "no" to it.

I didn't know that BB sold bath bar. When I found out, I was
totally shocked and surprise but I did get it in sweet pea. They
had it in warm vanilla sugar but I decided to get one because
I still have lots of body and bath products, to use up before
buying new ones. This soap bar smells so good even with the
paper packaging on, it'll be a good soap bar I just know it!

These are just random things in random order. I got me
some lashes, which reminds me of the ardell wispie. Some
wanna be pearl, look a like which were a great buy for those
day that I want a fake pearl on. Some fake pearl braclets in
cream, white, and pink. Last but not least, a pink flower ring.

Jelewry Hanger
I got this because my collection of necklace and
jelewries is getting bigger and bigger by day. I
was looking for one that matches my room but
at the same time, it has to be cute. So I finally
got this one out of all the one I've seen. I love
the dress and isn't it cute?

I finally got to go to LUSH. I have been dying to
go here for a long, long time you just don't know
it. After reading miss tiffany's blog about this store
I have been wanting to try their things out. I must say
they have quiet a lot of things there and I was in a rush
so I just grab all the items on my list and got out.

Rock Star Soap
It says to smell like a rock star after using this soap, but I
doubt it. It's just a promotion for selling this soap. But I
do like the pink, the texture and how it smells.

Baby Face Cleanser
After reading miss Zoella's review on this cleanser, I decided
to get it. I have high hope for this so I will be expecting to get
that smooth and soft skin after washing my face with this soap.
It's kind of cute too, now that I think about it.

Can you guess what this is and the name
of this soap? Do you like the honey feature
as I think it's super cool for a soap bar.

Honey I wash the kids Soap
Many people rave about this soap and said that it smelled
like honey but I have sniff it to see if it really does. But it
does have the honey comb feature to it and it feels soft...
well duh, every soap bar feels soft but this one feels like
butter. I got this as one of my free sample so I'm good.

ORLY Charged Up Nail Polish
I got this for my sister as she doesn't own any
orly nail polish and she doesn't have a matte
creamy purple polish, plus it was a bargain. I
didn't know that ULTA sold orly.

Finally, got the boujoris clubbing mascara. Marlena
said that it's very thick, gives you volume and lengthening.
In my opinion, what I have experience is that it is a
very thick formula and will give your lashes volume but
it doesn't lengthen your lashes. After I got this, I went
back to look at her mascara and she got the one with the
silver writing on the packaging instead of gold. There was two
different packaging for this mascara and I got this one, I was
unsure which one was the one she got but choose this one instead.
After seeing hers I kind of regret it but not at the same time, as
this one is for a more dramatic look and the other I guess is the
original clubbing mascara.
That is it for now, this all I got. I did get to go to Springfield, by luck
and got me some clothes, no makeup though. I went back to check
out the colour craft collection and yeah, I think I will pass on the MSF.
They aren't must have and I am pretty sure I will find them at the CCO
in a couple of months. The only one that I really like is sunny by nature,
which I think would be the perfect MSF bronzer ever because there's hardly
any shimmer in it. As for, cheeky bronze I'm still debating and unsure if I
like it or not. Everyone has it and I feel like I gotta have it, to be apart of
it but at the same time I really don't know how I feel about it. It's a peachy
msf and I am unsure if I'll ever wear it because in my opinion it is way too
light to be a bronzer and I don't know if it will look good as a blush. So I am
glad I save some $$ today and decided not to buy anything from MAC. I also
checked out their newest collection and it wasn't that great and I didn't get the
feeling of "must have it" so I passed out on it, as well.