Thursday, July 30, 2009


As you can see I am almost out of both, condition
and shampoo. *sniff* I love this stuff it's so so so
good! As you can read, this really is comfort food
for damage hair. I don't have damage hair but I
did use hair styling tools for 2-3 years straight
and I thought that it was time to take care of my

This is basically made out of oatmeal and honey.
What it does is that it restore all your hair nutrients,
minerals and vitamins back. So you will get that natural
healthy hair back. From what I experience, this stuff
does really restore your hair back. When I feel like my hair
is damage(i know sounds dumb) and unhealthy I would use
this and see a big difference in my hair texture and hair itself.

I have given a sample to my older sister and she said that
this stuff was amazingly good! She was so impress with this
set as she was the one that got introduce to it but somehow
I end up being the one, who bought it. She said that it restore
all her hair and her hair looked a lot healthier and "better."
To me, I use it the same way as I would any other shampoo and
condition. I use a dime size and rub it into my hair. But I will say
that for this condition, I do use a little bit more then a dime size
because it doesn't spread out and somehow it just seems to need more

Overall, I love this product as much as I love the matrix system set. To
me, this and the matrix set are my to go to hair care. Yes, when I'm talking
about hair care, I am talking about products that will restore my hair to it's
natural condition and helps make my hair look more healthier. Matrix set gives
me the volume and the catwalk set restore and definitely makes my hair look
a lot more healthier. So when I feel like I need one of these condition, I use which
ever one I feel like but when I feel like I need both, I use both set!

I just recently bought catwalk's moisture shampoo and condition so I am
excited to try it out. As my hair tend to be a little dry, sometimes. I am
loving this brand as well so don't be surprise if I get more things from them!

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