Monday, July 6, 2009

Final days of my hair

So tomorrow will probably be the final day for my long hair. I decided to get my hair cut on this Thursday and can't wait. Tomorrow, hopefully I'll get to go shopping as my brothers wanted to go as well. So if everything works out with the hubby then we'll get to go, I'll get to go to MAC and CCO! Yeppi! I'll curl my hair tomorrow and I have to remind myself to curl my hair for the last time. As I know that Wednesday I'll be too busy packing for a trip, yes another trip to Wisconsin! As for Thursday, we'll I'll get my hair cut in the morning and then dye my hair afterwards and pack the remaining items I need. Then I'll be off to Wisconsin on Friday. Wait....
I think we might have to go to wisconsin earlier? IDK. Now I am confuse, so tomorrow we definitely have to go to the CCO, wednesday-packing, cleaning and getting ready to go, thursday-hair cut and friday off to wisconsin. Wait, I think I might have to get my hair cut on Wednesday, if we go to wisconsin on thursday. Oh well, gotta talk to the hubby about everything and make a final descision. But for the last couple days for these hair, I'll have to take lots of photos and appreciate it before it's gone..

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