Monday, July 6, 2009

Mac Colour Craft collection to get

So here is a list of the items I want but I'm not sure if
it'll turn out this way, as we all know that reality view
of the products may change our mind.
  • blushes:hand finish, *daft pink, fad-dubulous
  • msf: maybe all of them except for warm blend

for sure as it is too dark for my skintone, porcelain

pink looks very similiar to petticoat so maybe i'll pass

on that as well but we'll have to see the swatches

  • eyeshadows: I'll probably get odd bits or none because they

seem cheap and not that unique or interesting. So far odd bits

is the only one that seems interesting.

As for brushes, I'm still debating if I'll get the 131 as,

I don't know if I'll have a use for it. That's it for now.

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