Friday, July 3, 2009

!Hair HaiR HAIR!

Okay so I have saved my hair for seven months now and will be
cutting it soon. Maybe sometime next week or so. Something else
is suppose to happen next week but I'm not going to say anything
until it does.
My hair has grown to be so long, not as long as my hair
when I was a child but long enough. Probably the longest
it has been ever since junior high.
My hair has been either shoulder length, up to my neck line or up to
my neck. Why am I saving my hair? I want long hairs, as so I can
curl my hair and have those pretty long curls like the old days. I have
been missing it lately but one thing I hate about it, is that if you don't
curl or style it, it's dull and plain. Even though the style now is short hair
I want long. Then eventually when the upcoming style is long, I'll be
having my hair short.
Bangs? What to do with bangs? Well throughout my experience
of cutting hair, I only have one style and one signature bang!
Yep! that's the one I'm going to go for and save my other bang
style for next time.
Colors? I'll dye my hair blackest black. why? I know somehow
when we Asian folks dye our hair blackest black it looks uncool
or it looks like were witches but somehow I have been loving
that idea, so why not give it a chance before I dye my hair brunette.
One other reason is that I got my inspiration long time ago, probably
six months ago from two lady I saw. One was John Mayer's current
cocktail/waitress girlfriend and the other was playmate of the year.
Somehow Caucasian girls looks so damn good in black hair. You know
the pretty, glamorous type that catches your eyes once in a while.
Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is the Kardashin. If that's how
you spell their last name. Haven't watched them for awhile and
haven't been keeping up with them so don't remember. Any who,
I used to watch keeping up with the kardashin and I got some inspiration
from there as think of it I think it is the #1 source
which inspire me in black hair. Don't know what the deal is but it's
definitely not because Kim had black hair and I wanted mine to be
black as well. Somehow just watching the first season of keeping up
with the karadashin made me realize that black hair is really sexy!
Kim makes black hair look so damn sexy and good! After realizing
that fact I was inspire by khloe as well. When she cut her hair, straight
bangs in the front, one length for her long hair and straighten her hair
everyday. After that reading in magazine about the three kardashin
sister and seeing how classic, glamorous and how sexy they made black
hair seems...I wanted black hair as well!
After watching that show I did realize that Kim kardashin has really
cute style of fashion. I think we both have the same type of fashion.
Just seeing those cute outfits she wore on the show did made me
believe in what I read in the magazine, which I didn't agree with before.
Well this is it about my hair. I don't know if I have picture of the length
of my hair before but I will take a photo of my hair before cutting it.
I can't wait! I'm excited, exactly super excited since I'm suppose to
look good for a special event but at the same time I'm scared if my stylist
mess up. It'll be a no no and a bummer!

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