Thursday, July 9, 2009


I know I have tons and tons of shampoo, conditioner
and body care as long as hair care products but I just
gotta have this condition. I wished it had the shampoo
with it but for the main part I need an extra conditioner
that I can use with my shampoo which I end up using all
of the conditioner for that set. I need moisture in my hair
and this will do for me!

Okay, this next item I am going to talk about is one that I have seen
on tons and tons of magazine, have seen it at many stores and heard
people on youtube review about it but I never took interest in it or pay
any attention on it because I have all the good brush there is to need. I
will admit that when I first, start buying brushes for my collection I did
look into this brand and the one thing that interest me was either the foundation
or the blush or maybe the powder brush. But after buying all my MAC brushes
I had no use or interest about these until now...the TJ I went to didn't have much
makeup or beauty products there but I was randomly picking and looking through
stuff and came across this particular brush. I was looking for a bronzer brush and
I saw this out of all the brushes. It was short handle, the fibers are soft and full
and it immediately became the bronzer brush I was searching for. I haven't
test this brush out yet but I have washed it and it's ready for me to try it out.

Just by taking the brush out of it's bag, I
knew that I was going to love this brush
and it was a must have! Look how cute it is!

Look how full this brush is.

I just know that this is the perfect
bronzer brush for on the go and

Overview of what I got for
my little princess.

I've been wanting to buy her a
pink nike hat but when I saw this
addias one, it was a good buy and
it matched her perfectly so I guess
nike will have to wait.

Got this for the little princess.

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