Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just Feet!

Lately I have been trying out this product from Sally
and it's called Spa Nightly foot repair. What it does is suppose
to rejuvenate your feet while you sleep and the next day when
you wake up your feet are suppose to look new.
It is made of lavender and grape seed oil. Renews your feet
as you sleep.
Here's a describition of the product: Wake up to new feet! Shea
butter, french lavender and tea tree oil penetrate and transform
dry, rough fee, reclaiming their natural smoothness and soft touch.
Directions are to smooth onto feet at bedtime and cover with
socks for best results.
My overall review of this product is that it seriously makes your feet
feels like butter. You never understand that saying, until you actually
try a product out and which makes you feel that way. When I wake up
my feet feels so smooth, soft, silky and new. It's so easy to follow and so
affordable so I would reccommend this product. I'm more of a manicure
girl then a pedicure girl so I don't own much pedicure items but I will say
that I love this product!

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