Monday, July 6, 2009

Bliss best of skintentions moisturizer

This is the sample I got from Sephora and what do I have to say
about this moisturizer? It's so awesome and good!

Here's the verdict:
One it made my acne goes away. When I spot an acne, the night I use
this moisturizer and wake up the next morning, my acne are either
gone or smaller(hardly noticeable).

Second, this moisturizer smells good. My first impression of
this moisturizer was that it smells like orange. It was hard the
first time putting this on my face, as I dislike the smell. But after
a few day I was use to the smell, it wasn't that strong and that bad
any longer. Yes, this stuff smells like orange so if you hate fruity smell
then this is not the moisturizer for you.

Third, this moisturizer made my skin feel so soft and organic. I know

I have been blogging alot about organic and feeling natural but this one

really feels organic. I don't know how to describe the feeling you get when

you see such results and awesomeness! What do I mean organic and natural?

Okay, when you put this moisturizer on or after using this moisturizer, your

face feels so light, so fresh and pure unlike any other moisturizer I have tried in

the past (clinique) this thing just feels so right and it settles into your skin, it's like

a fresh of breath air.

Fourth, it has SPF 15 in it which is a good thing. I usually put another

sunscreen on even after I use this moisturizer.

Fifth, I have been using this moisturizer for a whole month now. I

know I can't believe that a sample could last me that long but it did.

While using this I notice a big big change in my skin texture. It's softer,

no more dryness usually when using clinique my whole face is not dry

except for the sides of my nose but with this no more dryness for the nose.

Another thing I realize is that my skin has become a LOT healthier! This is

the number one thing that I will not lie about because it's seriously made a

big difference in my skin and I saw how healthy and fresh my skin looked like

after trying out this moisturizer!

You can find this moisturizer at sephora or This

moisturizer comes in a great packaging, easy on the go,

it's 1.7oz for $35. Overall, it's pricey but yes, I would pay

$35 for a moisturizer that will protect me from the sun but

best of all, makes all my skin problems goes away!

FYI I order the kit of all the moisturizer from Sephora and it will

be arriving this Friday and I am so glad that they added this

moisturizer to the kit! Yay, me!

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