Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stila StIla MoRe sTilA

OMG! All my stila products are here!

Should we? Let's take a peek.

Stila out of line smudge pot trio
gel eye liner

from left to right: black, bronze and gray
plus a mini eye liner brush

Travel in Stila Style Kit

Overview of what's in this kit.
Lip glaze in brown sugar which I won't use
and will be selling it on ebay and another eye liner
in onyx.

Stila sun spf 15 bronzing powder
in shade 01- perfect for my skin tone

Peony convertible color

Swatches of both color
bronzer is a matte bronzer and peony
is such a pretty peony color, yes the name
says it all!

Stila in the spotlight collection and handbag
Isn't she pretty and glamorous? I think
she is.

Look at how cute this cosmetic bag is which I'm
going to use as a cosmetic bag and an evening bag!
Love this bag, the texture of it and the material of it!

So what was inside that bag? All of this
goody goods.

pomegranate crush lip & cheek satin
multi-effect mascara in black
& liquid all over shimmer liquid luminizer
in shade 6

eyeshadow quad in montmartre

Orchid convertible color
It looks red but when you swatch it,
it's a true orchid color. So I can't really
explain or describe the shade.

Swatches of the shadows and
orchid convertible color

Here's a better view of Orchid
Can you see the pink in this photo compare
to the first photo, it's more pink and shows the
true color once you blend it out.

Thanks, once again and I hope you enjoy this haul
as much as I did. I love stila's packaging, that's one
thing for sure that I'll admit. As far as their products,
I have to keep experimenting with their products
to see what I think about it. But so far, I love their
eye kaja liner, it's great!

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