Thursday, July 2, 2009


Out of all the MAC packaging that I have seen the Fafi
collection has the cutiest paper packaging! Trying to get
rid of junks in my room, I came across all these boxes of
MAC and it was so hard for me to decide to throw this box
out or not. At the end, I couldn't resist so I had to keep it, as
an inspiration. I just look the look on these dolls on the box and
the fashion on them.

These were the boxes of the fafi blushes. I decided
to throw these out but wanted to take a picture of
it as memo. Not as cute as the eyeshadow quad box
but something different and blah...

This is the HK packaging and I really never
cared so much about it, as some people rave
about it I was totally blank. I think the product
packaging itself is way cutier and a keeper, the
box not so much.

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