Thursday, July 16, 2009

Laura Geller Blush n' Brighten VS MAC Gentle Blush

Have you ever wanted the laura geller blush in roseberry,
but thought it was to expensive for a blush?
Well I have found the perfect dupe for it and seriously,
they are so similiar in color, tone and texture.

The perfect dupe for laura geller blush in roseberry is
MAC gentle blush.

Here are the swatches to prove it.
Gentle is on the left and roseberry is on the right.
Here is a closer view of the swatches.
So am I right or not? They are a perfect match. I know
it doesn't seem like it in photos but if you had both product
and swatch it, you'll notice that they are very very similiar
and almost an exact dupe. I was laying out all my blushes
and there I saw gentle and I was like, "hey doesn't that
blush look familiar." Then I pull out the laura geller and
yep, it was a match. I know the gold shimmer in gentle
will tell you that they aren't a match but it's actually not
shimmery like the new mineralized blushes MAC has out.
Plus the shimmer doesn't come off of the blush, it only shows
when the light hits your cheeks. Which bring me to my last
point, it's the perfect dupe for half the price!

This one was taken in the kitchen so let me
know what you think of the lighting and the
payoff of the color compare to two above.

Laura Geller roseberry is $29.50
MAC gentle blush is retail for $21.50

This particular shade from MAC is discontinue but
you can find it at your local CCO for $13.75 somewhere
around that range of price. I know it's bad to post a discontinue
product but it's worth it because you save a whole lot of
money plus it's MAC!

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