Wednesday, July 8, 2009


AHHH! Finally I have been expecting this

The first thing I notice and saw was this..
its a gift card cool, huh? Finally, got something
as a freebie from ELF.

Let's see what's inside this goody bag.

I got 4 of these compacts for on the
go and for friends and family.

I don't know if you still remember the one
I got from the drug warehouse but the difference
between these two are that, these 4 are the new
compact and the one I got from the drug warehouse
are the old compact for eyeshadows.

All the brushes I haul from
this haul.

Blending Eye Brush
This brush is so good, soft and does the job!
Best of all it's $1 bucks, so affordable! For a
cheap brush, this thing really blend your shadows
that's why it's a 5 star brush on

Defining lip brush $1
I love this brush for the lips. I use this
brush all the time for all my lip application.
It does the job, makes my lipstick look so smooth
and makes my lips look so damn good.
Studio Line Eyeshadow Brush $3
Here's a look at it. I have been waiting for this haul
particularly for all of the studio products!

I was going to pass on this but when reading
the review for this brush, people gave it a 5 star
and said that it is so soft, much softer then their
$1 brush. It's soft but it looks exactly the same
as their $1 brush except the handle is longer,
more silkier and nicer!

Powder brush $3

It's so soft, I love the handle but I wish it
was shorter. I hate long handle for brushes, if
you haven't notice. People gave this brush a 5
star because they said it is so damn good! It's
good for blush, powder and contour. I don't know
if I would use it for contour but the professional
at ELF and from reading the review people said
that it's a good brush to contour with. It's full and
I love how these studio line brushes from ELF feels
like when you're holding it and how expensive it looks!

here's a photo of how full it is.

Lip products

These are all duo lip products.

From left to right: lip liner & blending brush in natural: Create
defined and enhanced lips that are blended to perfection. One end
is smooth gloding pencil applies color precisely and accurately. The other
end is a soft bristled brush, blends evenly and naturally.

lip definer & shaper in nude/natural: enhances lips to easily create a
fuller and larger look. One highlights lips to create a beautiful glow and the
end defines lips for a perfect pouty look.

Lip primer & plumper: Achieve longer lasting lip color and sexy plumped lips.

The primer creates a base for lip color that lasts all day. The plumper enhances

your lips with a seductive sweet cinnamon scent.

Eyes and accessories

A mirror and eye makeup remover pads
Cuticle Pen $1

Studio Line eye curler $3 each

Regular eye curler and mini
eye lashes curler

Here's a view how it looks from the front.
I wish the mini eye lash curler is curve more
then straight. From the reviews, people said that
the regular size curler from the studio line is so
much better then the $1 mechanical curler. So I
decided to try both out!

Lip primer and plumper

Lip liner in natural and lip brush

Plumping lip glaze $1

Mineral eyeshadow primer

Here's the best photo I got of this

Eyebrow products

Eyebrow Kit in dark$3
Creates brows that are fuller, thicker and more defined.
Shapes and sets your eyebrows. Gives lasting color definition
for a naturally beautifully look. You use the pigmented brow
gel to define and shape brows and set the color with the brow
powder and fill in with the blending brush for a natural look.

eye brow treat and tame
Create manicured and styled brows that are beautiful
and defined. Treat your eyebrows with a re-growth vitamin infused
gel formula. Tame eyebrows with a fiber enhanced mascara formula for
fuller and more natural looking brows. The clear side is use to treat, repair
and grow your eyebrows and the color side is use to keep them in place for
a fuller and more tailored look.

contouring blush & bronzing powder
They only had it in one shade and no name
they just call it blush and bronzed. It is said
to create a healthy and natural glow year round.

here's how it looks, does it ring a bell? yes, it is a
copy of NARS packaging but one thing I like about
this is that it's plastic unlike the NARS one which is
a plastic rubber. With this one you're less likely to
make stain on the packaging but with the nars one
when your hands are dirty, full of makeup you'll easily
get your NARS packaging dirty.

Cool Bronzer
It has 4 shades, a white, two browns
and a pink. You can either sweep all 4
colors and use it as a bronzer/all over face
color. Or you could use the brown as contour,
pink as blush and white one has a highlight.
It is said to create a natural looking bronzed effect
with this matte powder. The sheer soft powders provide the perfect
tan like bronze. These colors are ideal for winter or year round. They
have it in three shade, warm, cool and another one which I forgot.

I'm so excited and glad that this package has arrived! I have

been waiting mainly for the ELF studio line products! I knew that

I wanted it when I first saw it launch on their site and when sephorajunkie

did her video about the blush and eyebrow products. She did a comparision

and she said that the blush and bronzer is similiar to laguna and orgasm. I

will have to see for myself. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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