Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Pick & Choose

Yesterday, was just a random day I wasn't planning to go shopping
nor buy anything. But I did take my brother to get some things and
I came across these goodies, for a bargain. When I mean bargain, it's
a really great deal!

Maybelline lipstick from left to right: true pink, winsor pink and butternutty
Maybelline lip liner in rose

Here are the swatches
L-R: Winsor Pink, true pink, butternutty and rose lip liner
I did see these lipsticks in CVS and Walgreen and they were buy one , get
one for free. I almost picked them up but I am glad I held out because I
got a better deal on it! I think I am planning to get more of these lipsticks.
I just have to cruise around and see what each different store has...well this
is it for now and let me know if you have tried these lipsticks out before.

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