Monday, July 6, 2009

My Brush Collection

These are the two latest edition to

my ELF collection.

All over face powder brush.

Here's a view of the actual brush.

What do you think about this brush?

Eyeliner brush

I got this because it is similiar to

one of the MAC brush that came

out with the BBR collection and

one of their permenant brush.

My body works shop travel kit.
I love all the brushes in this set and this
is very convient

One of my favorite brush from face
secret. I used to use this brush all
the time but somehow when I got
involve with MAC, I stop using it.
I'm going to start using it again, it's
really good for powder and mineral makeup.

An over view of some of my ELF brushes.

These are some of the ELF brushes
I own.

These are random powder brushes
that I have stop using for a while now.

Miscellanous brushes that I don't
use at all nor touch.

Brush on the left is from Christina's Cosmetics
and the one on the right is from...Sheer Cover

Big Lot brushes

My eyebrow and eyelashes brush.
The first brush on the left is one
that I got for free and one that I
hate and it's a no use, which mean
I should really consider throwing it
away or give it to my little princess and let
her play with it.

CS brushes, all these are one that I've order
when I first started my brush collection. yes,
coastal scent was the first place where I started
to buy all my brushes from.

Variety of brand name brushes. From beauty
of essence, target, cs, big lot, avon, and both the
last two are from baremineral.

Brushes I don't hate but I don't use,
as they don't serve a purpose in my
makeup collection but somehow I just
keep it around, for no reason.

eyeliner, lip brush, another eyeliner
and a blush brush. Haven't try the eyeliner
brush yet as they are new and the blush one too
but going to in the future.

Here is the elf all over powder brush on the left
and a revlon powder brush on the right. What do
you think and do you notice anything at all?

Look how more dense and full the ELF
one is compare to the revlon one.

Can you tell which one is which?
I love this pink kabuki from CS. This
is one of the best kabuki brush I have
ever own. It's been with me for two years
now and it gives an even and full coverage!

Here's all the kabuki I own. Yes, I
own three of them only which is enough
for me because I hardly use it. I use to use
the CS one(pink one) a lot but somehow I stop
when I stop using mineral makeup. I still love it
though and the last one is the MAC 182 which is
so soft and nice! Love that brush, that is my new favor!

An over view of the brushes in
this brush holder.

So what's in it?

My MAC brushes from the 2008 collection,
elf brush, big lot brush, beauty of essence which
is a must have brush for powder and bronzer, and
another big lot angle brush for blush and bronzer.

The ultimate brushes of this collection!

I can't give a full review on all of my MAC
brushes yet because I haven't play with the
newest one to my collection but I do plan to do
more review on which is a must have from MAC!

More eyeshadow brushes.

Those on the right side.

The ones on the left side.

Eyeliner, lip and eye brow brushes

Out of this bunch which are my favorite?
I love the blue one (second) because it is the
best eyeliner brush you'll ever find! It's a paint
brush for fine line but I use it as an eyeliner. Even
though I own lots of other eyeliner brush I never tend
to use it and like it, what a waste of money I know. But
I went to my craft store and I knew what exactly I was looking
for and I found it! I'm glad out of thousands of brushes I choose this
one because it was a perfect match and the best there'll ever be. I got
one for my sister and she loved it as much as I did and stopped using
her other eyeliner brush. yep, it's that good. Another brush that I like
from this bunch is the ELF lip brush it is the best best lip brush I own!
I use to like my maybelline lip brush which is picture above but this brush
does the job, easy for on the go and it's cheap! I find myself reaching for this
brush all the time, meaning that it's that good!

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