Sunday, July 12, 2009

ELF and Nars Swatches

I swear if I had the orgasm/laguna duo it will look exactly
the same as the ELF one.

Can you tell which is which?
I swear if you didn't see the the front cover of these palettes
you couldn't even tell which brand is which.

The first one is so ceylon, second is roseberry, maui, palm
beach, elf blush and last, elf bronzer.

This is the ELF cool bronzer

Here's the four color in this palette. Look how pigmented

the pink one is, I'm so surprise and happy! I could use it

as a blush alone. I haven't tried this bronzer yet so I can't

give a full review on it.

Here are the swatches on my hands.

Which view do you think is better? The first one is taken

outside in the hallway and this next one is in the bedroom.

The highligther color looks white here but really, it's like
a yellowish/white color. Reminds me of vanilla eyeshadow
and the best highligther in the coastal scents 28 neutral palette.

ELF eyebrow kit

The top one is the powder and the bottom on is the gel.

I like this eyebrow kit because not only does it work
but it's $3 bucks, only! When I read the review some
people said that it was too light for their black eyebrow
but when I tried this on, it's the way too dark for those
who has black eyebrows. I find that the gel is a perfect
shade for those who has black brows but the powder
is a bit too dark, so you have to work it in lightly and
carefully or else you'll look odd.

I had tons of other photos of swatches of these but I thought
that I'll just pick a few. Hope this help.

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