Thursday, July 2, 2009

MAC, CS, Big Lots

I wasn't expecting this but look
what came in....
I didn't remember to check and these
babies came in.

pinch o'peach blush and
sable eyeshadow
Miss lollipop26 inspire me in getting this
but I swatched when in I was in the MAC
store and Iliked it. Even though the name
of this blush is peach, it's actually a pink blush.
I know this blush fool me too, I thought it was
going to be a peach blush but it's a pink blush which
is even better for me because I love pink blushes!


Here's a closer view. Look who's peeking
in the corner?

swatches on my hand

Duh! The name says it all!

Remember these wipes, I was talking about it
just the other night. Well I tried it out yesterday
and they were awesome! Very moisturizing and
wet, so I decided to get another bag but in cucumber
didn't know they had it though.

It's just another nude lip liner,
I think I talked about this liner
in one of my other blog before.
This is a nude liner but more on
the pink side then biege. I love it
so here's a backup since it is limited
edition and the formula would be different
in the future.

Look what I have here?
Another lippie!

Revlon creme lipstick
in mad about mauve.

I got this as a whole set.
dark brown eyebrow pencil and
brown tones eyeshadow

These are the brushes that came with
my eyeshadow quad.

Look at these crabby, cheap
brush that came with the
shadow quad on the bottom.

My sister told me that I had lots of
very good quality eyeshadow (hint: MAC)
so why am I bothering with drugstore
shadows? I don't know, I ask myself the
same question but somehow I just reach
for it. Not because of the price but
it's like an addiction, no it is an
From top to right: seashore frosts, mystic meadow,
designer chocolates and mocha motion
They had another quad in emarld ?? but I
pass on that because the greens weren't that

told myself thousand of times
not to order any more from
them because there's nothing
that I need or want from there..
but there are a few exception.

Shall we?

Look at their style of packaging..
it's their signature packaging I
meant to say.

EZ pressing
I got 2 of them as I press a lot.

Not the best pix but a closer view
of it. I have to watch their video
on how to use this stuff because
when I was reading the instructions
on the back of this bottle, it's different
from pressing with alcohol.

88 warm palette

Can you tell the difference from the box
and the actual palette?

Full view of this palette.
All nudes and warm colors only.
Good for everyday and work

First side on the right of the palette

Second and third half of the palette

random views of this palette

Look at my two freebies I got.

12 empty magnetic palette

They say it's empty and you have to
buy the pan seperately on the site,
but this is the second time I got these
palette and it came with the pans.
Another bonus! If it's going to come
with the pan they show really take
out the word "empty."

Other items I got as well.

My free sample from CS

Sequoia eyeshadow

here's a better view

I love the bright colors from
their business card. I have
tons of these cards, can't
seem to throw them out.
I love the bright colors!
too pretty to throw out!

sable contour brush & rose sparks
This is it for my haul, well should I say
this is all I have to show you guys for

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