Sunday, July 12, 2009

China Glaze Shower Together

This is what I'm wearing on my nails for this week. It's

china glaze in shower together. It's a really pretty and
unique blue, something I don't own in my collection.
This is the prettiest blue shade I have ever seen from
any blue nail polishes.

From my experience with china glaze nail polishes, these
polishes usually last me about 2 weeks the most and 1 1/2
week the least. although this polish has last me a week, it
is the first polish from CG that chipped off the most and
chipped off the fastest. I forgot to take a photo of both my
hands but I will to prove my point. My right hand always
chipp before my left hand but never before this much or
this fast.

Over all it is a pretty blue but somehow just chipped
faster then any other CG I own. I will give many more
shot in the future with this color so don't be surprise. I
love this color, literally! It is a to die for color! It's not
bright bright, but bright enough to make a statement!
Here is a photo of my toes, I know why toes? But it matches
my shoe and it's the closest I can get a picture of this nail polish.
What's your favorite shade from CG? I have tons so I haven't quiet
know which one is my favorite nail polish out them all but hopefully
I will be able to pass my love to all of the shades I own.

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