Friday, July 10, 2009

Shoes Shoe Shoes

AHH! I'm so excited that this has arrived,
it has been just a long time I have order
from this store. It feels like forever! I have
pettie feet so it's hard to find high heel at the
mall or any store but I've done my research
3 years ago and I have been ordering from them ever
since. I hate their fabric, I think it's kind of cheap for
the price I pay for but these new shoes are even better!
Finally, they've changed the fabric style, the fabric/material
for the shoes before we're really cheap and crappy but these
new one that has been added to the summer collection are
so worth it. It looks expensive just like what you pay for so
overall, with these new shoes they are worth your money!

This shoe is supposely made out of snake skin
but when I touched it, it isn't. The outline of the
design is but most of the material is made from
something else which is a disappointment because
it looked like it was made out of all leather but it

But I do love how this show looks on
me. It's so chic and sexy! Heheh..they had
it in turquoise which I wanted but it was out
of stock so maybe next time I'll be in better luck.
They also had it in black, red, yellow (I think) and
mine are in ivory, which is a white/biege color that's
why they call it ivory because it's not white.

Don't you just love the name? I do!

I love this shoe, seriously I do but the only
thing I hate about it is that it doesn't cover
all of your toes. Well it covers all of your front
toes but leaves the back hanging out which I
think looks weird and odd. I love everything about
this shoe but I wish the design in the front would
have been moved back a little towards the back
that way it shows some toes and covers the back
of the toes, that way it'll look much better! I'm
still deciding if I should keep it because it is a
very pretty evening shoe and I don't own any
high heels that are for evening, most of them are
high fashion and fashion fashion! I really like this
shoe, so let me know what you guys think.

Again, these new style are made with more
high quality material then the old collection
that they had out. I will compare some shoes
from the past to these 2008 ones and you'll
see the difference and understand. I love how
this shoe feels and I love the leather. This is more
of a fashion shoe, I will say but somehow it reminds
me of stripper shoe. I know it's the style that makes
me think like's too similiar to those shoes
that stripper wears but obviously I'll always use
my magic to make it unique.

I love the name! I don't know why but I tend
to be loving things that has paris in it. Like my
OPI paris polish and now these shoes. I will admit
that I really want to go to the city of Love! I can't
wait till I start traveling because it's going to be so
excited! Oh, one thing is that somehow I always love
Paris, no matter if it's the name itself or the city, when
I say that word it feels so warm, romantic, and bubbly
inside...hahaha it really does makes me happy when I
say that word!

I finally got a high heel that is in black and
has pointy ends to it. I do have a couple but
they were either square at the ends, or it has
rhinestone on it, or other design and are in other
colors. I have been looking for the basic black and
white ones because it both these colors always match
anything. But the white one tend to get more dirty then
the black, haha of course we all should know that but I
still want it!

This next pair is my favorite favorite out of all
the shoe that I got. When I order it, I was like
"hmm...why not it's cheap, I like the color and
somehow I'll make it work." It was the least
shoe I was expecting for and wasn't interest in
but got it because it was a limited edition one
and I won't find it later on but boy, was I wrong
on that!

Oh! It's such a pretty blue, this is the pretties
blue shoe I have ever ever seen in my life. No, I
am not kidding I'm serious about it! I don't own
many blue shoes, I think I'm not sure now that I
am actually thinking about it, but the point is that
I really don't own that many blue shoes! Oh gosh,
it's so pretty and unique that I can stare at it all
day long!

I love how this shoe feels on me, it's so
sturdy, feels nice, soft and most of all
comfortable. It's perfect for the summer
that way I don't have to wear my wedges
or my high heel wedges. I was so amaze and
surprise how this shoe turn out to be. The one
thing about it is that, I'm not sure if it's too small
for me or what but it seems a little tight at the front
but it does fit me perfectly and this is the size that
I usually order. Every other shoe from this haul are
in the same size and they fit me perfectly like always
but this one seems to be tight at the front. I think it
is just the style and how it's made that's why it's a little
bit tight on me at the front but I can walk in it without
feeling a pain in the butt. I'm still debating if I should keep
this size or get a bigger one. I would have to try it on for a
couple of hours and see how it works out.

This next one may seem funny, I don't know what I
was thinking when I order this online. I must have
been crazy or shopaholic enough to get it.

I love the wedge, somehow I look good in wedges
and I like them. They are more comfortable then
high heels which I think is another reason why I
love wedges. I don't really know what I was thinking
when getting this. On the site it didn't look this bad
but when I got it, it was awful and when I went back
on the site to compare them, yep it looks exactly the
same. I think on the day that I order this I was all
about spending and desperate enough to get this shoe
is all I could really think of the reason why I even bought
this shoe in the first place!

I'm still deciding if I should return this for
another shoe. I'm still debating and yet it is
night time already and I still don't know. I
do know that most likely I won't be wearing this
as it doesn't make me look like a goof ball but
it doesn't seem to match what ever I wear. Somehow
wearing this shoe with any outfit and it will out shine
your outfits. So I think most likely I will return this
for another pair of biscayne in yellow!

FYI these shoes are custom made
for small feets only so you'll have to order them online and directly
from this company that makes them, in Webminster, CA. I do plan
to get more when I go to CA in the summer of 2010! This is neat for
me because it's one of a kind, unique and no one else will have it
except for me and those other pettie people but which no one will own
these same pairs of shoes that I do in my state, in wisconsin or to most
of the state I have been to. It's nice to be different and unique from others!
I think that's one quality that I love most about myself is that I don't want
to be like anyone else.

This is it for my shoe haul hope this was fun for ya
as it was for me. It has been awhile since I have been
this excited about shoes!

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