Sunday, July 12, 2009

Makeup Update

So far as shopping for makeup, I have come to my senses and
I am not planning to buy any makeup soon. Ever since the middle
of this week I realize that I have gone out of control, makeup addiction
and I have really come to my senses. So I won't be planning to get anything
soon except for pink rebel, that's a must have. And if we do plan to go to Wisconsin,
again(I know) then maybe I'll stop by the CCO and see if there's anything I like
but I doubt I'll get anything. I have pretty much of everything I wanted and I
doubt they will have anything that catches my eyes. Basically no more makeup
shopping for me, seriously! I have more then I can use or could ever use. With
makeup, you just need a tiny amount either foundation, blush, highlighter or
eyeshadow and you're good to go. So when you look at your collection it looks like
nothing has ever been touched even if you have items that you have used up
constantly, it will look like you hardly touch it.
The only thing that I do plan to get is pink rebel lustre drop if I am lucky
enough to find it anywhere! I'm actually waiting for the Makeup Artist
collection to come out, I'm excited about this collection but of course, I'll
have to see everything in person. This is pretty much it, until there's any
kind of special discount going around I won't be shopping for makeup. I'm
planning to save up so I can travel and so I can go to makeup school. Yes,
you've heard me I am planning to go to an acredible makeup school. I'm
thinking about California, long time ago I have done some research on this
topic and California seems to be the one place that interest me the most.
So for now, NO more MAKEUP shopping! I'm saving up, using up what
I have in my collection and I'm going to be a good girl!

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