Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Years to Come

Have there been years that makes you
know exactly what you're looking forward
to? For me, each year seems to be something
new and more exciting.
  1. Year of 2007, was the year of foundation. What do

I mean by foundation? That was the year to get a hold

of the best foundation for my skin type and for myself.

It was the year where I went crazy over foundation. All

I hauled and most items I hauled were foundation. In the

end, I finally found my one true love studio fix fluid foundation.

After drugstore products to higher end brand, this was my love

of all time. At first, it didn't seem that special and it didn't give me

the result or the coverage I wanted but as time went by, it became

the one foundation that I kept reaching for.

2. The year of 2008 was the year of eyeshadows. Yep! After foundation

it was eyes. Everybody has their own thing but for me I am and always

has been, ever since I known makeup an eyeshadow *h*re. One thing about

makeup that I don't think I can ever live without is eyeshadows. I have so much

of it to prove that I am far more interest in eyeshadows then any other category

there is in makeup. I have hauled so much more and more by saying triple the

amount of shadows I own. Til this day I am still collecting them but I am not

as addict as before.

3. Year of 2009 was the year of blushes! Yes, I love my blushes

and for those who hasn't started wearing blushes, you're missing

out because having a little bit of blush on your face really makes

you look more alive and awake! Some say concealer does the trick

but I disagree because blushes does an even better job! This year

most items I got was...guess...blushes! Even til this day I'm collecting

more and more blushes. I'm afraid that if I stop myself from buying

MAC items I will be missing out on one particular category...blushes.

Limited edition blushes which it'll be hard to find, CCO rarely has it in stock

and finding it on ebay cost more then what I would have paid for.

So what's up in the few years to come?

3. I know for sure that 2010 will be the year of the lips! If you haven't

notice or haven't been paying attention I have started that year already.

Lately, now a days I have not only been purchasing lipsticks but more

lipgloss as well. Somehow after doing my research this topic seems to be

pretty interesting and more fun. I guess after using MK lip products my

lip aren't drying out and chappy like before. I will give a further review on

it later but I have been loving lip products lately. I know it was the hassle

of reapplying it that made me stop using it, which made me forget that I

ever own any lip products but if I want fuller lips and my

lips to look nice I guess I just have to deal with it.

4. 2011? Being a makeup artist, hopefully by then. We all shall see..

won't we? Just kidding but being seriously, by this year I do wish

to fulfill my goal as a professional makeup artist. I do have other

goals to accomplish but this is one of them as well. I do plan to be a

part time makeup artist while continuing in my degree.

Wow, isn't blogging fun? It's nice when I can express how I feel

and talk about the things I love! Look at the time, this is it for now.

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