Thursday, July 23, 2009

As of Right Now..

I am in Wisconsin. Things are going okay and as plan. I really don't
have much to say so this is probably the least I have ever blog about.
As of shopping and getting my things on my list done, I am accomplishing
it and getting them done. Not all but some. The things that are left to be done
are: CCO, Designer Fragance, TJ a few of them left, CVS, Walgreen and I can't
think of anything else....maybe later I will update.
I wasn't suppose to be here in Milwaukee, I was at camp, forgot the name
of the city but I came here to visit my two sisters and my two nieces.
Things for us has been going well and it has been really nice just hanging
out and seeing my sisters. We went out to eat, hang out, and chill together.
Tomorrow we plan to catch a movie at the lake. Yes, it's a theater at the lake.
This time visiting Wisconsin is more for seeing family and friends. But of course,
it won't hurt shopping a few time. Like the old saying, it won't be a vacation without
any shopping!

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