Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Must Have

I was just strolling in my local drugstore and look what
I came across. I was so excited but wasn't expecting that
drugstore to have it.

It's the revlon contour brush that marlena
was talking about in her videos. She said it
was similiar to the MAC 224 but I would have
to disagree. It is a mix between the 224 and
the 226. It has the body of the 224 but has the pointy
end of a 226. All together it is a good brush and cost
around $6 bucks which I think is a little pricy for a drugstore

I have been eyeing this mascara ever since
it first came out but I never got it. So I saw
that the drugstore I was in had a good deal on
it so I picked it up.

Look at the brush of this mascara. It's similiar
to the covergirl last blast and the maybelline
define a last but the difference is that this brush
is very or should I say more rubbery then the two
I mention.

Sorry about the picture but again it was taken
during the night. My point about this brush is that
I don't own a mascara like this one. The brush of
this mascara is thicker all around except one lane
is thinner. It so amazing when you look at the brush
which gives you so much idea about how it's going to
turn out to look like. I did hear many people rave about
this mascara on youtube so that was another reason why
I got it.

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