Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mineralized Skin Finishes

Yes, this is all of my MSF. I am not proud of myself
but I am happy and some what satisfied with most
of them.

From Left to right: soft and gentle(a must have), so ceylon( tried it once
but have to try it a couple more time to see if it's magic like so many gurus
have said), light flush (light pink), petticoat(looks exactly like light flush but
more pinkier and more shimmer), refined(good highlighter but more on the
red side), perfect topping(the perfect msf highlighter, more on the pink side),
blonde(the best blush ever from a msf), redhead, and brunette.

Sorry but I had to take a few photos of these babies because
they really do deserve a moment of appreciation!
I think out of all the ones that I have tried I would have to say that
soft and gentle is the most unique one out of all. It makes your face
look glowy and irrediscent, don't let the shimmer fool you or scare
you away. I bought so ceylon because I heard so many people reviewing
that it was the most unique one out of all the MSF but I disagree. Some
how when I put this msf on, as an all over the face color, it makes my
skin looks oily. Plus when you take photos of yourself with this product
on, the payoff of the color is unique but the payoff itself is not "camera
friendly." I will show photos of it in one of my other blog when I had this
msf on. Petticoat and light flush are very similiar. Light flush is just a lighter
pink while petticoat has more pink in it. I don't remember if I had tried light
flush on or not but I will. I have tried petticoat on and it's way too shimmery
on the cheeks. I don't know if I used a heavy hand or not but I am definitely
going to try it out to see which is my favorite.

I haven't play with redhead and brunette yet but I have swatched
redhead and played with it in the store and I like it. Plus it was the
most sold out MSF from the BBR collection, so it's a keeper. Brunette
I am not so sure if it's a keeper but I'm going to try it as a bronzer. At
first, I didn't get it because it was just a scary color and I was like"I
am never going to touch that." But since it is summer and I have been
loving bronzer, I thought I give this a try. Same goes with refined and
perfect topping. They are quite similiar and both are good for highlights.
Refined is more reddish/peachy while perfect topping is more pink. Out of these
similiar msf that I own, I say to go with light flush and perfect topping.
Petticoat a little too shimmery for the cheeks and refined is pretty
but if you had to pick one only, perfect topping would be a better choice.
Although I have to say that refined is a great highlighter for redhead,
while perfect topping is a great highlighter for blonde and light flush/petticoat.
So it's really a choice of preference.

From left to right: brunette, redhead, blonde, perfect topping,
petticoat, light flush, so ceylon and soft and gentle.

Tell me if you like this one better, I mean the lighting and
the payoff of the colors.

Closer look at the colors.

1st half of the MSF

Second half of the MSF

This is it for my MSF and what I have to say about them. This isn't
my full review on them but I hope to play with them some more
and maybe get a full idea of each and every one of them. That way
I can definitely say which are a must have and which aren't, till then
have a nice day.

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