Friday, July 10, 2009


So I have been waiting for this shipment
to come in and yes, it has finally arrived!
Look what's on top of everything? All
the samples I got as freebies!

Look at what's inside. Lots of careful packaging and
lots and lots of white tissue! They were really afraid
that these thing were going to break. Great packaging
sephora! but the box is way too damn big!

Beauty Blender Set $39.95
You basically save $10 bucks because this whole
set should have cost you $49.95. from what I calculate
and seen buying these sets are a lot cheaper then buying
2 individual one and one cleanser. But it is a better buy, if you
just want one item, let's say a cleanser then you should just get
the cleanser itself because it'll save you money.

I love using these beauty blender! That's
why I got the set of two and the cleanser for
it as baby shampoo, doesn't do such a good
job of it. This is a little pricy but I think
worth it.
They say that these beauty blender should last you
up to three months but I disagree. I think that with
proper care and cleaning these blender can last as long
as your brushes does. I think that these are similiar to brushes,
if you clean them well and take care of them they should last
you forever! So what I am trying to say is that these beauty
blender should last you for a long time, maybe more then
three years, who knows. I know it last more then three months
because I have one just like it but it's cheaper from target and
it has been more then three month and it is still in good shape
and looks brand new! They also sent an address for when you
want to throw out your beauty blender, you could send it to the
address given and they would recycle it for you. I will do a further
review of these compare to a brush because I have used my cheaper
one for a while now and I do have my own opinion and what I think
of it so wait for that to come.

NARS Multiple Duo in Maui/Palm Beach
Maui(left) & Palm Beach (right)

Both of these are cream. These
can be use for eyes, lips, and cheeks.
I thought one was cream and one was
a powder so after finding this out it's a
little disappointed. I'm going to try it out
and see what I think of it. We'll have to see
if it's a keeper.

Laura Geller Blush n Brighten
in Roseberry
I would have to agree, the name
says it all. Such a pretty rosy, berry

Closer look at this blush
What does this remind you of?
MAC MSF, duh! haha..just kidding but really it does.
Miss lollipop26 was the inspiration in buying this item, again!
But she said it's comparable to petticoat, which I do own and I
would have to say no it doesn't compare to petticoat but it is
very pigmented, another thing she mention about this blush.
I swatch this when I was in springfield but they were out so I had
to order it online. My first impression of it, is that it's super pigmented
for a mineralize blush and it's such a pretty blush! It's so pretty, I can't
even explain how excited I was about this blush after swatching it. Finally,
got it so that's all that matters! BTW I was going to get this same blush but
in berry but when I swatch it, it wasn't as pretty and pigmented like this one.
I'm glad I didn't make this order until I saw a couple of these items in store!

Sephora favorites Face moisturizer deluxe sampler
In this kit it contains:
Korres wild rose 24 hour moisturizer spf6(6? how gay! I
use a spf of 15 or great and this expensive one is only 6, what a goof ball).
Philosophy hope in a jar
Fresh soy face cream
*Bliss best of skintentions spf15
Murad perfecting day cream spf 30
Caudalie vinoperfect day perfecting cream SPF15
You can get all the details and sizes of these samples on!

Can you guess what this reads?

Happy July 4th, I hope you're happy!
Hahaha...and the answer to this question
is? Yes, I am very happy and cheerful today!

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di
I got this particularly because everything else in
the sample seems lame. But after placing my order
I thought about it and it was a good thing that I did
choose this. My brother owns a perfume from armani,
don't know the name but it smells super good! So I thought
that maybe it'll be a favorite. I did try it and it smells good
but I haven't fully given it a test yet. The sad thing about it
is that it's almost gone. I don't know if the hubby and the little
princess has been playing with it or what but it's almost gone!
Or maybe it leaked on the way....

I am king perfume sample for the
The hubby tried it on, so did my naughty little
princess. He thinks that it smells just like the
addias but after a couple of minutes he changed
his mind and said that it smells fruity after you let this
perfume settle in. He perfers the addias instead.

Benefit posie-tint
I have been wanting to get this, the full size
but is a little skeptical and I own tons of blushes,
so I was going to wait out on this but I got lucky
enough to get this as my beauty insider sample!
For those who don't know, this is a lip and cheek stain.

Ralph Lauren Romance I'm always yours
I got this one because of the name, hoping
that it'll be a sweet and romantic smell. I
know sounds lame but you never know.
I haven't tried it yet, though.

All of my samples from Sephora!

I say the best thing to do is, go to sephora and play with it that way

you know exactly if you want it or if it's a no, no! The best way and

best thing to do is see it in person for yourself! If they run out in store then

you'll know what you want when ordering online. Every thing in person

seems to be more real and more better! Hope this helps!

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