Sunday, July 12, 2009

June Favorite

July 12, already but I have been wanting
to do this blog for a while now. I just keeping
forgetting about it since I have tons of stuff on
my mind. But shoulda we start?
  • MAC refined golden bronzer: I love love this bronzer

this is a must have bronzer. For those who are an

NC30 like myself, this bronzer suits our skin because

it makes your skin look so flawless, tan and glowing. Yes,

like that J-Lo glow! Out of all the bronzers I own, I find myself

reaching for this one the most.

  • My MAC 116 blush, don't know why the 168 didn't

make it as it was my favorite blush brush for the last

couple of months but somehow, I kept reaching for the 116

instead. Oh well, I think these two are my favorite must

have blush brush I would have to say.

  • Smashbox artificial light glow luminizing lotion: if you want

that natural tan glow then I reccomend this item because it

gives you that flawless air-brush look. It's so amazing and I

have used up quite a bit, about 25% already in the last month,

can you believe it

  • MAC Hyper Real foundation: I have been inspire by miss julieg713

on youtube long time ago, maybe two years ago on this foundation

but I have never gotten it until now. I have always seen it in my shade

at almost all the the CCO I went to but never really thought that I would

need it. Well when I was visiting in Wisconsin and I was like "hmm..

don't I always seem to be in the sun since I am living down south, so why

not get a foundation for being in the sun alot." That was when I decided

to get this foundation. When I first put it on, I thought it was dewy,

inconsistency, hard to blend and hard t work with. I hate how it looked

like on my face, it was so uneven and so not pretty! But once the foundation

settles in, you really get this irridescent glow to your face. I wasn't impress

with it the first time but after giving it a shot, a couple of time I felt in love

with this foundation....after all!

  • My Clinique Acne Solutions kit. Like I have rave about in the

past I love this set for acne, it does the best job ever in getting rid of

your pimples! Either I wear it through out the day or through out the

night and by the end of the night or next morning my pimples are gone

or hardly noticeable. I love this baby! LOvE it! This is the #1 product that

I reccomend to family and friends if they were having any acne problems

because by following these three steps and using a small amount, this kit

will become your new best friend!

  • MAC well dressed blush: thanks to miss lollipop26, this has become one

of my favorite must have blushe but who really knows myself, better then

I do? Hint: It's the year of the blushes for me, so i mean even if I didn't

watch her blush video I would have picked it up myself. But I always love

to hear what she has to say so I have to give credit to miss lollipop26!

  • Eyeshadows: Well it has been a month ago so I can't remember which

were my favorite eyeshadows but I do remember one in particular

because it was my favorite highlighter. I would have to say that this eye

shadow was my favorite as well for the month of MAY and which one is

it? MAC blanc type, it's been my favorite highlighter for two months now and

currently still is for this month, of July. I don't know but this one seems to be

the one that I reach out for all my eye looks.

  • This is it for my favorite from June but I'm pretty sure if I did this

in June instead of July, I would have a much longer list then this..

This is what happens when you wait too long to do something or you

don't remember until now, *sigh* I'll definitely remember to do my

July favorite at least in the begining of August!

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