Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last minute and look what boredom made me do...

So I was bored and some how felt that I
needed to shop around. Look where I went

Look at all the items I got...cotton balls for
nails and cotton pads for nails as well but good
for multi-purpose use.

I saw this makeup remover so I
wanted to try it out. Even though
I just got tons of makeup remover
but it was affordable so why not. If
it's good I might go get more.

Revlon lipstick and lipgloss and
blistex lip balm.

Revlon lipstick is in # 463,
the picture says it all...

The name of this lipstick is
sassy mauve and the name
tells you exactly what you are

Toast to shine lipgloss. I read somewhere on
miss lollipop26's blog that she used this on top
of honey love lipstick and I have been searching for it
but not hard enough. Somehow it was at my local BL so
I got it for a fraction of the price at the retail.

This picture shows the true color
of toast to shine lipgloss. It's a nude
with shimmers in it but not a lot and
the consistency is quite impressive and
pigmentation wide is good.
Sassy mauve lipstick in this photo shows
the true color of it. Isn't it funny how both
photo shows differently?

Here, I like this one overall as
it show both lip product pretty well.

Last, but not least I got these two
travel case which can be put into
the studio basics traveler, which I didn't know
but makes me want to get it if it's still

Sally Beauty Supply
So it was the last day to use my
coupon and I decided to used it
on these items...while picking these items
I wasn't sure if it was wise or I was just
picking random things just so I have used up
my coupon.

I definitely wanted these for sure!

Seche vita base coat, top coat and Orly polish
I got the seche vita top coat and the cashier told
me that I would get the seche vita base coat for free.
Such luck?

Sally girl's bronzer in toasted &
and femme couture mineral eye
shadow in rose quartz.

Here's a view with the products

from left to right: toasted,
sina-mon bronzer and rose quartz

Toasted is the darkest shade Sally
has for their bronzer,
Sina-mon is more peachy orange
with a hint of shimmer in it, and
rose quartz is a lavender color with
pink undertone to it.

Sally does have one other bronzer shade
and it's called expresso which I have but
haven't open it up yet.

May's Drugstore AKA Drug Warehouse
I went in particularly looking for
prestige cosmetics but look what
I also found?

Prestige bronzer in terra

They had it in sunkissed but it seemed too
dark on me so I decided to pass on that if
this is too light I might switch it for that later.

To-da! They had these elf elements palette
there. They had single eyeshadows and lipgloss
but the eyeshadows were sold out.

The great thing about these babies
are that they are exactly the same price
it is online. $1 a piece! I got only one because
I made an order on already and I purchase
4 of these compacts already. If I came here earlier
I wouldn't even bother ordering these compacts online.
Now that I know my drug warehouse has it, I'll be passing

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