Sunday, July 12, 2009

Brenda Song Inspiration

Here are some of the photos that Brenda
Song has inspire me. Her looks, her style
and her sense of fashion are what that inspire
me. To be honest, I do feel like we both share
the same type of fashion and style but there
are things that I would never wear but she
would. As I am a girly girl, always a diva and
nothing else but she would wear some run way
outfits that are either chic or classic but I would
never wear them...I think?

But these are photos that really inspire me. No matter
if it's her makeup, hair, clothes, shoes, or what ever.
Each picture means something different to me and it
makes a statement to me, in it's own ways.
I love the angle that this photographer took of her because
she shows something different from all her past and previous
photo. In this photo what most inspire me is the angle taken
and her pose. This isn't a all up close and nice photo but to me
this photo captures beauty and glamurous. I just love this photo!

This is her at an event that I suddenly forgot
right at this minute. You can goggle it and you'll
probably find out which event.
Notice that her clothes does makes a statement. Like this
is something I would not wear. Notice it's not not never.
The thing I love about this is that even though the clothes
aren't cute cute somehow she pulls it off and makes a fashion
statement about it which not everybody can pull off with it.
This does inspire me in getting out of my comfort zone, diva-
cuteness and adorable.

Ashley and Brenda at Kids Award
I know this sounds foolish and babyish but I
did grow up watching these two on disney channel.
They have inspire me and have been great role model
for me as well as many other teens and kis throughout
the world. I just thought this photo shows joy of love,
which I know is a warm and bubbly feeling!

This is Brenda alone at the kids award.
The dress isn't much of an inspiration but
the colors are. Black and yellow and notice
how she usually goes for the same style?
Long wavy curls, almost in all her photos I
think this is her favorite style!

Another photo that captures the beauty with in it.
I don't even have to explain, do I?

This is her at another premium but can't
remember wich one.
All I could think is beautiful, beautiful!
See how natural and simple her makeup
looks but yet, still beautiful.

I love this outfit in this photo.
I have a purple dress that is similiar to this
style except that the front part is in a tube top
form but the bottom is similiar to her. But still,
I like hers better mine are in purple.

this is her at an easter egg charity event.
I believe she's wearing her laker's shirt on
in this photo.
I would not wear shoes like hers with outfit like
this but she did. To me, if I was to wear that it
would seem like people were laughing at me when
I walk in it. I would just keep it simple, flats but
yet, again somehow it does seems to work, don't
ya think?

This is a photo of her at her 21st birthday
Out of all I choose this one and only one because
it shows how innocent she is and it just makes a
natural beauty statement!

By now ya should know that these photo
are from certain events that happened in
her life but I forgot the event since there's
too many photos. I thought I would just
memorize it but I guess it didn't go as plan.
I like this outfit. I think it's girlie and cute,
perfect for the spring and a day out. I even
like the gladiator shoes(which are the kinds
of shoes that I dislike). But I think by pairing
it up here like she did it's cute. This also remind
me of what ch??? cookie, I think someone from a
blog I follow, she wored something similar to what
brenda is wearing now but except she has a jacket
on. I like this dress better, no offense.

I like this photo because it shows her inner
Her smile, her eyes, her pose and the way
she present herself makes this photo so
unique and inspiring. A well done photo!

Closer look at her shoes.
This is what her heels look like. That's a super
tall wedge she has on even I don't have a wedge
high heel that is that tall. I'm amaze that she wears
heels all the time. I own plenty of heels but I have stop
wearing them for 3 years now. I wear it all the time in
my teens, junior high and high school but when I moved
down south, I wored mostly flat. It was a huge difference
for me. Even now I wear high heels every now and then,
for special occasion only other then that I wear flats. My
feet hurts quickly now when I wear heels but back then, in
the old days it didn't hurt a bit. I guess I have really gotten old.

This is how her whole outfit looks like.

I am not in love with the clothes but I
love how her makeup looks like. It's pretty
classic, simple, and natural but yet stunning!

Why did this photo inspire me? This photo made
me realize that no matter how hideous your outfit
looks or even if you don't style your hair, a nature
beauty will always be beautiful. This is why I choose
this photo because her clothes are kind of tacky, not
the cutest I've seen from her, and she straighten her
hair but yet she still looks stunning and beautiful.
Which makes me realize that if you're beautiful no matter
what you wear or what you do, you'll always be beautiful!
-a quote I learn from my sister in law when I was a teenage
girl but still kept it with me for this long. So proud of myself!

Look at Selena and Brenda at the Kids Choice Award. Who
do you think is prettier? For me, I think both of them are
pretty in their own way. I like this photo because it shows
the different kinds of beauty.
So what does this inspire me? It really made me realize
that I need to start dressing more cuter and I need to
dress up more often even if I stay home all day. I need
to look good everyday, life too short!

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