Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things I'm really loving

Things that I'm really loving and things that I'm really
starting to love:
  1. bronzer: I haven't been much of a bronzer person

as it makes me look a little darker. Duh! that's what

a bronzer is for! I know but I guess I haven't given

these products enough chance at it so here I am loving

bronzer! My first bronzer I ever owned and still have lots

of it left is from baremineral, second would be MAC Solar

riche, third would be MAC refined golden(my favorite!)

and so on and so forth.

2. Lipsticks: I have wored lipsticks throughout my whole

first year of college, that's why my viva glam 2 and wet n'wild

lipstick are half way through but after my first year, I stop using

them. Don't know if it's always I 'm forgetting to reapply it or the hassle

of having to reapply every so hours. I stop and now I have been collecting

more and more lip products as you can see.

3. I'm tending to go back on cheaper brands. I have been doing my

research and just playing with some of my cheaper brand cosmetics.

I found out that one day when I was playing with my jane cosmetics

that to make an eye look good it's all about the technique you use, no

matter what brand or what product you own.

4. I'm starting to love all the CCO I have gone to. I kind of regret

not getting some products and wishing that I took advantage of it

while I was there. There is so much to choose from which makes my

mind overwhelm when I'm there and even harder when I have to pick

and choose. If only I can have all the makeup there is then it wouldn't

be so hard. Last thing when you're at the CCO is paying up which makes

you think about which items are really neccessary and which are not plus

getting the things on my MAC list.

So there it is, things that I'm currently in love with..

for now hopefully more items are shipped and stocked

at the CCO this month..if I get to go to which I hardly doubt.

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